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How Your Business Can Become A Social Enterprise

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September 21, 2011 · by Tim Jones · Chatter, Mobile, Technology
Chatter Collaboration Cloud

“Social networking-type applications will become as ubiquitous in the workplace as Microsoft Office tools and will likely replace e-mail as the dominant form of corporate communications.” — Bill Gates Chatter is changing the way employees collaborate with one another. New, young sales reps grew up on the internet. This is how they communicate. This is…

February 4, 2011 · by Jim Thompson · Chatter, Mobile,, Technology

We at GreatVines have been very excited about the rollout and promotion of Chatter on the platform. If you watched Superbowl XLV and the Halftime show, you saw animated videos featuring, the Black Eyed Peas and Chatter. The time has come to change (no, revolutionize) how we collaborate and communicate within an organization….

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