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April 24, 2015 · by Tim Jones · Events, General, Marketing, Sales Strategy

I’Braft Beverage Expo 2015 Logom excited to be participating in the upcoming Craft Beverage Expo in Santa Clara, CA  on May 6th – 8th.  This is their second annual event and is really big already!  Over 100 exhibitors and lots of great sessions led by industry experts will take place throughout the 2 days around topics including Business Development and Distribution, Marketing, Regulatory & Compliance and Finance.

I’m personally presenting “Executing Your Brand Strategy at Retail” on the expo floor, leading a session called “Competing for the Retail Shelf”, and participating in a panel session titled “Take Action: Grow Your Sales with the Right Data”.  I’m honored to be involved in this great event and looking forward to being with so many people that share my passion… selling great beverages!  Hope to see you there!



November 11, 2014 · by Cara Pepper Day · General

closed-for-business-signNielsen recently announced a new statistic: 85% of new products fail in the marketplace. This startling number should get all of us thinking.

We all want to be successful, and we get paid to build successful brands.  What is your leadership doing to prevent being part of the 85% that fail? The million dollar question is “Why do they fail?”.

October 3, 2013 · by Tim Jones · Clients, Events, General
Tim Jones - Chief Customer Success Officer

Tim Jones – Chief Customer Success Officer

We are officially announcing the formation of GreatVines Academy, a service we are providing to the GreatVines user community. Over the coming months and years, we will be delivering several added value resources to help you get the most out of your GreatVines solution. We will highlight important information on new features and functionality, including how to implement them. As well as an ongoing series of scheduled webinars focused on specific use cases within GreatVines starting with:

“Why is CRM the Key to Success and How do I Implement it?”

For more information please email .

Whether its basic CRM, National Accounts, Surveys, Sales Goals, Reporting and Dashboards, or discovering our new mobile app—pick the modules you are interested in and join us for an educational and inspiring webinar demonstration of how to leverage the power of GreatVines.

It is our goal to empower each of you to utilize the full power of the GreatVines tool to deliver exceptional success to your business.

January 4, 2013 · by Tim Jones · General, Sales Strategy, Technology

I loved Richard Branson’s recent article, “Why aren’t more business leaders online?” While he is mostly referring to executives aversion to social media (only 16% of executives are using social media), he also indicates the lack of ambition by these executives to utilize technology in general. There is a “surprising lethargy about using the online tools already available”. In his opinion, and mine, this is a big mistake. If your answer to the question “How am I using the latest technology to improve my business?” is, “I check my email on my iPhone”, then you are missing the boat. State of the art cloud computing systems and mobile business applications can make your business much more efficient, collaborative and productive. And, the tools are here NOW. As Branson says, “Anyone who thinks new technology isn’t going to keep changing the world has got their head in the sand”. Don’t be late to the game.


February 13, 2012 · by Jim Thompson · General

Welcome to the first in a new series of website posts dedicated to cutting-edge new features of GreatVines and in 2012. Hopefully by now you are already aware of and utilizing our new “Account Call” capability, affectionately referred to as the “Mega Call”. This significant upgrade in 2011 allowed GreatVines users and managers to log visits, tasks, update objectives plus log any relevant brand activation and visibility data gathered during the visit, such as Tastings, Events, Wine and Cocktail Menu Placements, Off-Premise Displays and much more. This new single page reduced unnecessary clicks and page loading by 200 to 300% per visit.

Up next in our first Spring 2012 release is the much anticipated National Account Authorizations module. Building upon the flexibility and configurability of “Mega Call” this new feature lets Key Account users who focus at the National, Regional and Chain level to log product “Authorizations”. In most Suppliers, these take on many forms and names such as “Distribution”, “Mandates” or even simply “Programs”. We use the example internally of selling in a “Drink Feature” at a chain like TGI Fridays. Each customer can drive the data they wish to gather including Authorization or Mandate type, approval status, start and end date, plus very specific data about each “Placement” type such as Backbar, Menu or Limited Time Offer.

Example Distribution Grid

This feature is typically enabled only on “Chain HQ” pages within GreatVines, although it can support any valid Account Type including Distributors and Retailers. Support is included for Chain “Objectives” which result in new Authorizations, combining current, expiring and targeted placements into a single report or grid. Once these multiple authorizations are logged across all of the Chain accounts, users can quickly generate a grid, export into Excel or Email a summary of the data to selected Contacts.

This powerful new module of GreatVines will require your team to perform a quick review and update of your applicable Labels and Items, as most customers may want to limit the “Products” available to the Authorization module. And as previously mentioned, your Administrator can rename virtually all the descriptors on the Authorization pages and emails into terms that you choose!

Please work with your System Administrator to review whether this new Module should be activated in your GreatVines Account, and let us know what you think of this great new capability!

New Website!

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November 11, 2009 · by Jim Thompson · General

Welcome to our new website for GreatVines. We will post continual updates on our progress as this innovative new product evolves over time. We welcome your thoughts and comments, particularly on the items you see posted here. Our aim is to create the most flexible, scalable and meaningful software for managing sales, marketing and related aspects of the modern Wine and Spirits industry.


Jim Thompson
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