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March 8, 2011 · by Jim Thompson ·

An oldie but goodie. This video from reminds us all why we do what we do. If you are new to “Cloud Computing” please watch this short video for a powerful primer.

February 4, 2011 · by Jim Thompson · Chatter, Mobile,, Technology

Chatter Collaboration Cloud

We at GreatVines have been very excited about the rollout and promotion of Chatter on the platform. If you watched Superbowl XLV and the Halftime show, you saw animated videos featuring, the Black Eyed Peas and Chatter.

The time has come to change (no, revolutionize) how we collaborate and communicate within an organization. Beverage companies are no different. We struggle with multiple data points and a lack of clear communication, particularly between various product, sales and marketing teams.

Whether you know it or not (or even like it) websites like Facebook and Twitter are shaping the way we think about data and communication. No longer do you need to search through piles of disparate, disconnected information sources – today the data you need comes to you! We all have strong feelings about how Facebook connects us or who it connects us to, or how Twitter overwhelms us; but you can not dispute the power of information within a business. At one level or another, you are probably on this website because of a need for a CRM solution – relationship management, and relationships are founded on communication.

The great news for all GreatVines customers is that Chatter is embedded fully within our application and available today  – and you can now enable Chatter access for all employees in your organization for free, including mobile support! Please check out this powerful video and contact us to discuss your collaboration needs.

December 15, 2010 · by John Collins · Events,, Technology

In early December I had the chance to attend Dreamforce 2010. Not having been to’s Dreamforce event before, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been to plenty of big trade shows in the past, including COMDEX in Las Vegas back in it’s heyday, and Oracle OpenWorld which fills every hotel in San Francisco.

Somehow I was expecting more hubris and fanfare from this event and I wasn’t really disappointed.  30,000ish attendees was a huge uptick from 20,000ish attendees the year prior.  That much growth in interest for the platform is staggering.  I’m no analyst but I think this year’s record profits will not stay the high water mark for long.  Mark Benioff was entertaining and his potshots at Oracle and Microsoft were predictable and pretty funny.  He sounded a lot like his former mentor Larry, even when poking at Larry.

The conference is everything Cloud, with some exhibitors having nothing to do with or, simply being cloud was enough.  Even the plastic show badges were shaped like clouds.  GreatVines had a nice presence for our size, as we were featured at a press event, Jim demo’ed the Craft Brewers Alliance version of HopVines, and Tim was on the closed circuit TV with Scott from CBA.

The big announcements from were interesting and of high potential impact to  They continue to expand on their platform as a service offerings, by bundling development and database tools to allow partners like us to continue expanding our offerings.

One announcement we had hoped for was the hinted at improvements to the bundled analytics platform within, but we will all have to wait a bit longer it seems.  Watch this space….

Overall, a great time and a good opportunity for us to bond as an ever growing team, we had 4 of our 6 full time employees present (watch this space also).

Oh, and congratulations to our own Jeff Huth, who passed the onsite Developer Exam and is now certified.  There is a rumor that he got the highest score ever taken on the exam, not sure we will ever know.

John Collins, CEO
GreatVines LLC

December 10, 2010 · by Jim Thompson · Clients, Events,

During Dreamforce 2010, our own Tim Jones got the chance to visit with Sarah Franklin from and Scott Schaeffer from Craft Brewers Alliance to discuss their use of the GreatVines Sales Management application on the platform.

November 20, 2009 · by Jim Thompson · Events,

As my fourth year at Dreamforce wraps up, I continue to be overwhelmed by the strength of the cloud computing movement. This conference, once a meeting ground for like-minded anti-software junkies and admins, has become the confluence of energy and change in the application technology space. Every keynote,  presentation, luncheon and networking event was overflowing with people anxious to see the bleeding edge of this already leading edge technology.

We were thankful to present our GreatVines customer ranking and segmentation engine, just one component of our Direct-to-Consumer marketing module, to a few hundred interested partners and fellow developers. Our submission in the 40 Innovation Showcase this year garnered a runner-up placement and a short 7 minute demo slot.  Here are other memorable items from the conference:

  • Salesforce Chatter – a bold new concept in which the best of Facebook and Twitter, from the consumer web, are brought into the Enterprise software world. Imagine knowing as much about your data and your team, as you do all your friends on Facebook! I think it is brilliant of Salesforce to so quickly identify this massive user experience trend and incorporate it into their core platform.
  • The Salesforce Report Wizard will change with Spring 2010 to become a single-step left-panel interface, which previews with live data! This will greatly enhance the reporting capabilities on the core platform and allow our customers to adapt to report training and modification much faster.
  • Salesforce Content is now free! This is great news for the entire Salesforce and community, including our 3-tier and wholesale customers. Contact us to find out more about how you can begin leveraging this amazing capability right away.
  • Congratulations to Jason Ouellette who won the Developer Hero award. Jason is a friend of GreatVines and Rogue IT who recently published the definitive book on development.

We expected an announcement on new Portal User pricing, which is part of our wine club module (login, logout, update contact information, review orders) but will now wait until after their Fiscal 2010 closes in January.

Stay tuned to this website for the latest updates on, GreatVines, and how this technology can be best adapted to the Wine and Spirits industry. Please subscribe to our updates at the top of the page if you would like email notifications of new content.

November 14, 2009 · by Jim Thompson ·

GreatVines has been selected as a finalist in the Forty Innovation Showcase and will be featured in the Theater at Dreamforce this year. Showcase finalists were evaluated through a rigorous selection process, including a detailed review of each application and in-person presentations delivered to venture capital firms and executives. Come see our presentation at 1pm on Wednesday, November 18th.


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