Order Entry

Distributor sales reps and managers can not only practice state of the art CRM and track key account data in the GreatVines 3 tier module, but actually enter sales orders as well.  Reps can document what happened on the sales call and take an order all in one place.  GreatVines integrates order history and priority brands on the user interface for easy reference at the point of sale to increase sales productivity.

GreatVines order entry provides an intuitive keyword or item search, real-time inventory tracking, automatic broken case charges, multiple units of measure and integrated item history. Web services integration with ERP systems allow reps to get the right price and inventory checks in real-time.


  • Fully ERP Integrated
  • Dynamic Search Capabilities
  • Flexible Re-Ordering Configuration
  • Ability to check real-time pricing and inventory

Using GreatVines To Execute With Excellence

  • Measure your key account, trade marketing activities and sales drivers
  • Collaborate with supplier and distributor partners in the marketplace
  • Mobilize your sales team with leading cloud and mobile technologies
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