Account Surveys, Targets, Points and Profiles

Collect data from account surveys on iPad and Android tablets, and sync directly into account records in your system. Set goals for any any number of KPI’s including number of product displays, average price points and shelf placements vs competition. Roll-up and share results in real-time using reports and dashboards.  Create follow up tasks and objectives to convert any account opportunities discovered on the survey. No more Excel!


  • Track surveys in a fully reportable database
  • Collect from Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or nearly any other mobile device
  • Set point goals, question targets and measure survey results
  • Build incentive plans tied to survey measurements

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Using GreatVines To Execute With Excellence

  • Measure your key account, trade marketing activities and sales drivers
  • Collaborate with supplier and distributor partners in the marketplace
  • Mobilize your sales team with leading cloud and mobile technologies
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