The Sales Execution Platform that Delivers More and Better Sales

GreatVines is a 10 year ISV and OEM partner of with a strong focus on the retail and beverage industry. We provide both a consultative and highly technical approach to leveraging the Salesforce Lightning Platform with custom offline mobile applications, a robust technical architecture and data engineering practice, plus a highly skilled team of industry experts and visionaries to help you improve sales efficiency and user adoption.

Benefits to Working with GreatVines

  • Optimized Data Model for Beverage Industry – Products, Accounts, Transactions and Activities
  • Standard data integrations included to all leading platforms
  • Embedded analytics with comprehensive metrics, reports and dashboards out of the box
  • Highly configurable mobile app optimized for your use cases and workflow
  • Valuable use case solutions for smart Goal Setting, Surveying, Account Segmentation and Activity Management leveraging industry best practices

Leverage our experience and expertise!

  • Over 100 combined years of beverage sales experience
  • Implemented by over 100 beverage companies in 15 countries
  • Evolved and improved with an average of 4 major releases per year
  • Over 38 major releases and 230 package upgrades
  • Rich technology stack and stellar partners including Salesforce, GoodData, Amazon
  • Strong focus on Customer Success
  • Solution and Sales Methodology Consulting