How We Got Our Start

GreatVines was founded by beverage and tech industry veterans Tim Jones and Jim Thompson in 2009. After holding multiple beverage industry sales and marketing roles for twenty-five years, Tim was introduced to Jim through the Salesforce consulting community, who had spent an equal amount of time building web technology and cloud-based software, including wine club management and e-commerce solutions. Together they developed the GreatVines platform as both an ISV and OEM solution on the platform, now simply called the Salesforce Platform. Tim, and other early GreatVines employees, knew what it took to succeed with beverage sales, but didn’t have the tools to do their jobs well. They decided to create the all-in-one solution of their dreams, and have been helping beverage companies with their sales processes ever since.

The name “GreatVines” was initially just a label for a custom Salesforce “app” focused on direct-to-consumer allocation management, in reference to the highly sought after rare wines from boutique vineyards in Napa Valley. Over the years, GreatVines developed more brand equity in the industry as the premiere solution for advanced sales management and CRM combined with mission-critical depletion and sales data. Although variations of the D2C allocation technology still exist today, the core GreatVines product suite is focused entirely on Trade and Wholesale operations, both in the United States and global markets.

In 2021, GreatVines was acquired by Andavi Solutions. Read the Press Release here.

What We Believe In

GreatVines strives to be the leading supplier of Sales Execution and Management tools for suppliers, distributors, and promotional agencies within the beverage alcohol and related industries.

We aim to provide the best in class, deep value technical business solutions and services to our clients, while balancing their best interests with repeatable methodologies. We believe in fostering rewarding relationships for clients, employees, and partners.

Our mantra is: “Great technology. Great people. Great life.”

GreatVines Team Photo 2019

Benefits to Working with Us

  • Optimized Data Model for Beverage Industry – Products, Accounts, Transactions and Activities

  • Standard data integrations included to all leading platforms

  • Embedded analytics with comprehensive metrics, reports and dashboards out of the box

  • Highly configurable mobile app optimized for your use cases and workflow

  • Valuable use case solutions for smart Goal Setting, Surveying, Account Segmentation and Activity Management leveraging industry best practices

Leverage Our Experience and Expertise

  • Over 100 combined years of beverage sales experience

  • Implemented by over 150 beverage companies in 20 countries

  • Evolved and improved with an average of 4 major releases per year

  • Rich technology stack and stellar partners including Salesforce, GoodData, Amazon

  • Strong focus on Customer Success

  • Solution and Sales Methodology Consulting

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