At GreatVines, we’re always working to offer the best beverage sales solutions that we can. Don’t just take our word for it though! Read through our testimonials to see what our customers and partners in the beverage industry have to say.


As we achieve objectives, we’re able to see the velocity for an Account, what compliance looks like, and make sure we have the right product in the right place at the right time.

Rick Monkarsh, Campari America

Because of GreatVines, we’re executing smarter through more market intelligence.

Jim Bernau, Willamette Valley Vineyards

Excellent Sales and Marketing Execution Tool

I have worked with GreatVines for a few years, and their customization capabilities and attention to customers is incredible. GreatVines was the backbone for our sizable team to execute strategic, complex promotions across large geographical areas.

Also worth noting is the GreatVines executive and support teams are top notch. I highly recommend GreatVines to anybody looking to track marketing and sales activities.

Alexis Pace, BFG Communications

Best Beverage Sales Execution Tool

We have had GreatVines in our organization for over 3 years and there is nothing but positive things to say not only about the application it self but also the teams that come along with it. This tool has allowed us to streamline KPI’s by Supplier down to our sales teams to make sure the right priorities are communicated.

This has helped us not only improve our execution but also built us up for success long term. It has also come super handy during the COVID-19 virus as it has allowed for us to survey our accounts regarding reopening and use it as a vehicle to provide our sales teams with relevant information to share with their accounts.

Our Executive Leadership Teams have been able to utilize the information gathered to make more strategic decisions for our organization. Honestly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without this.

Alexandra Blake, RNDC

Up and Running Super Fast

As we had time to get back to the basics while travel was restricted during COVID-19, we decided to implement a CRM for our team. This way we can be more efficient once back on the streets! GreatVines was quick to get the process set up to present the idea.

Once the project was approved by our company they implemented the app for us really quickly. We are already able to add details to all of our accounts while we still have a month left of SIP. They are quick to answer and make updates to our accounts to make it more customized to our needs.

Quinn Rogers, Delicato Family Wines

We’ve been tremendously pleased with the GreatVines system, and very pleased with the partnership. We get better analytics, better scoring, better execution, and can shift resources as needed.

Jay Finnigan, RNDC

A beverage sales execution tool with immediate payoff

I have worked with GreatVines for over 5+ years. The platform is a must-have tool for any beverage sales team. It helps teams’ manage their 3-tier account relationships, track sales activities, and report volume sales.

GreatVines generates its ROI by closing the loop between supplier sales presentation/tastings, retail order commitments, and distributor depletion delivery.

Patricia Morrow, Equinox Tech Partners

Sell More Wine & Spirits!

If there is a more powerful and comprehensive tool a brand owner could leverage to grow sales and distribution for wine & spirits than GreatVines, I’ve not seen it. When you combine the Salesforce user experience with the industry-specific expertise of the GreatVines team you’re got a delicious recipe for success.

Benjamin Salisbury, Salisbury Creative Group

Outstanding Customer Service

Working with GreatVines is a dream! The team is by far the most responsive, helpful group I’ve worked with. GreatVines has offered solutions and guidance – I’d be lost without it!

Jaimee del Mas, Chappellet Winery

A essential tool for our winery

Great Vines has been an essential tool for Pahlmeyer and Wayfarer Wines since 2013. It gives us great visibility into the KPIs that we use to measure the effectiveness of both our distributors and sales team.

In addition the pricing and account records were instrumental in not only getting key distribution in several national accounts but making sure we executed on those placements. The data is reliable and has proven to be an equalizer for a small winery with national distribution.

Brian Kelleher, Pahlmeyer and Wayfarer Wines

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