About Greg Cittadini

Greg began his career in software delivery in the late 1990's during the frenetic dotcom boom taking place in San Francisco. During this time, Greg gained valuable first-hand perspective on the elements necessary for converting a great, yet ephemeral idea into a successful, sustainable technology business - something that eluded many of the startups emerging during this exciting time. As the tsunami of reality washed over Silicon Valley, wiping out volumes of poorly-defined business models in the dotcom bust, Greg and his wife moved away from the Bay Area, settling in Portland, Oregon. From his new position with then-nascent online medical site, WebMD, Greg led teams delivering Health & Wellness applications to Fortune 500 companies across the country. Since then, Greg has worked for other local technology startups focusing on transforming teams and refining delivery processes achieving superior client experiences.
Greg's drink preference fluctuates depending on the season but being a good Italian and being married to an Australian, wine and beer are always well-stocked at Cittadini manor.