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Jim Thompson

About Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson is a serial entrepreneur and disruptive technology evangelist. Having spent more than 25 years building web technology and cloud software for startups, non-profit organizations and enterprise companies, Jim has well-honed his ability to make powerful technologies accessible to broad audiences of users across all levels of technical ability. As Founder and Product Evangelist for GreatVines, Jim works directly with customers, prospects and partners, building relationships and increasing awareness of the phenomenal benefits delivered by the GreatVines technology platform. Jim lives with his wife Meagan in Vancouver, WA where they are board members of the Oregon Brew Crew, the oldest and largest homebrew club in Oregon.
While Jim and his wife have an extensive cellar of collectible beers and wines from around the world, they also enjoy a nice Manhattan from time to time.

Reasons to Switch to the Lightning Experience in GreatVines

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In anticipation of the coming opportunity for GreatVines customers to migrate to the latest Salesforce UI – the Lightni [...]

Adapt or Perish – Advice for Distributors in the Age of Amazon

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Science fiction writer H.G. Wells is credited with uttering the famous quote, “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’ [...]

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