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John Collins

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John Collins is CEO of GreatVines, which generally means he inherits all the tasks nobody else wants to tackle. A veteran technology executive with experience across all tiers of the beverage alcohol industry, John developed his ability to tackle a wide array of challenges during the significant tenures he enjoyed working both within large tech firms like IBM Global Services and for a number of emerging software solution development companies. John is renowned for forming strong teams and managing change in a highly effective manner. John gained great insight during the ten years he spent leading the technology function at Beringer/Foster’s. John also handled the duties of Vice President of Marketing, at Beringer/Foster’s where he led the company’s direct-to-consumer business. He spent time in the wholesale tier of the business as CIO for Standard Beverage, and did a stint as CIO for the Dean & Deluca luxury retail chain.
Though his name is reminiscent of bourbon, lemon juice and simple syrup, John Collins prefers to beat the summer heat with lots of carefully constructed margaritas, and plenty of beer and wine.

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