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The Pace of Change Cements the Need for Better Tech Tools

Continuing the trend after a banner year for all liquor sales, the beverage alcohol industry is expected to continue to exhibit growth. However, part of that growth is due to a diversification and the emergence of new, products taking the industry by storm. Here’s some evidence of where the new [...]

Nielsen and GreatVines Agree on Shelf Space Management Strategies

As was recently noted by a Nielsen representative, “Distribution has a near-perfect correlation with sales volume and there’s a lot of pressure for your product to be on the right retailer’s shelves across channels while maximizing presence in the store.”  So how does a supplier ensure their product not only [...]

The POI’s Recommendations Mirror GreatVines’ Own

A widely regarded report from an influential industry analyst organization contained recommendations for suppliers and distributors that could have easily been cribbed from the pages of GreatVines papers, studies and posts. Read on for the details about this illuminating report and the very sound advice it offers to sales and [...]

Harness the Ambition of the “Celebrity Bartender” to Sell More. Better.

The Booze Business Blog published a recent post discussing the evolution of the professional bartender. Once a job not known for any significant advancement opportunity, today, bartenders are increasingly embracing the role of brand ambassador or “bar chef”, and are viewing their time behind the bar as a stepping stone [...]

3 Ways To Run Sales & Trade Marketing Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Successfully leveraging beverage sales tools like GreatVines to improve retail execution and marketing efficiency relies heavily on data analytics. In fact, most industries adopting automation and management software rise or fall according to their ability to harness data analytics. But, simply having the ability to collect and review data isn’t [...]

The RateBeer Brouhaha Illustrates the Value of Data in Beverage Sales

Wherever you stand on the whole A-B InBev brew-haha (sorry we couldn’t resist), there is one unassailable point to be noted. That being, the role played by data in the contemporary beverage alcohol sales market is central to success. So central in fact, that one of the largest suppliers [...]