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An NBWA Takeaway: Tonic for What’s “Ale-ing” Brewers

The cyclical nature of any business across any industry is nothing new. There is an ebb and flow to all markets and some segments will always be heating up while others are cooling. No one segment really enjoys being “king of the hill” in perpetuity. That said, it doesn’t mean [...]

Tips for Top Performers: Throw Them A Bone!

You can hire top-performing salesmen and women with the most impressive track records of sales success in their prior jobs. But do you ever wonder why they’re looking for new employers in the first place? Often it is because, despite their demonstrable abilities to “make it rain”, they must have [...]

Commentary: Is AB InBev’s High End Field Team Reduction a Mistake?

Disclosure: AB Inbev is not a GreatVines client and we are not outlining the following as a means of helping them achieve any particular advantage. We just wanted to take the opportunity to point out something we disagree with from a strategy perspective. It is logical for an organization to [...]

CRM Tools: A Great Way to Boost Wine Sales in a Competitive Environment

Getting your wine into the chain accounts is a well-worn strategy for promoting the label to larger, retail audiences. Sweet-talking sommeliers into including your labels on their lists in well-known restaurants is another, more tedious proven-effective strategy for building brand awareness and image. The ongoing consolidation of the wholesale and [...]

Distributor Relations: Suppliers Need To Up Their Game

If there’s one thing technology is exceptionally suited to address, it is collaboration between groups across widely diverse locations as well as within the relationships between business organizations and their partners. Case in point, this great survey conducted by Pints Beverage Consultants, the results of which plainly highlight the need [...]

Is Your Sales Solution Flexible Enough to Help You Stay Compliant?

The intricacies of the 3-tier system for alcoholic beverage distribution most certainly qualify as the kind of complex business process GreatVines (and automation technology in general) is designed to automate. Want to know what else is very complicated? Government and legislation. While software solution providers can’t do much to simplify [...]