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How Rémy Cointreau Drives Success in an Already Growing Segment

We read with great interest the recent news from Wine & Spirits Daily regarding Rémy Cointreau’s 6.5% organic sales increase in the Americas for the recently concluded fiscal year – a healthy year-over-year sales increase to be sure, and significantly higher rate of growth than the 2.6% the total [...]

GreatVines and Inventiv Announce Deep-Link Technology Integrations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Beverage Distributors Can Now Link Inventiv’s PocketAdvantage™ and GreatVines Mobile Solutions for Even Greater Visibility and Efficiency Across Disparate Sales Systems April 25, 2018, St. Helena, CA –Just ahead of the Wine and Spirits Wholesale Association (WSWA) annual convention in Las Vegas, GreatVines and Inventiv, both [...]

3 Reasons to Visit with GreatVines at WSWA

It’s that time of the year again! We’re getting ready to exhibit at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America 75th Annual Convention & Exposition April 30 - May 3 in Vegas.  We’ll be out in full force, ready to share all the exciting practices, products and strategies we’ve [...]

Research Highlights the Benefits of Strategic Retail Execution Efforts

Always happy to share research supporting the strategies and practices covered frequently in this blog. You know how we’re always urging beverage sellers to focus on leading indicators when establishing retail execution strategies and setting sales goals? Well, here’s some third-party research from a trusted industry group that validates [...]

The Three Do’s and Don’ts of Retail Sales Execution

Let’s contrast the retail execution approaches of two different alcoholic beverage product sales teams to illustrate the critical importance of strong retail execution. Both beverage sellers are attempting to increase sales by optimizing  their on/off-premise retail execution. Here’s what they did and how they fared. Distributor A engaged the [...]

Evolving Distributors Winning with Tech Solutions

So many brands, so little time. Our industry has become highly diversified and there’s too much to keep track of without a technological assist. Today’s larger suppliers manage dozens of brands each with its own series of strategic initiatives and corresponding performance indicators or ‘KPIs’ to be tracked. When [...]