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What Suppliers Don’t Know About CRM

They may sell no wine before it’s time, but for wine producers in the US and abroad, it is well past time to adopt the same kinds of cloud-based sales automation technologies embraced by most selling organizations - both within and outside the adult beverage industry. Even among the [...]

Reasons to Switch to the Lightning Experience in GreatVines

In anticipation of the coming opportunity for GreatVines customers to migrate to the latest Salesforce UI – the Lightning Experience – we’ve compiled this list of four reasons to switch to Lightning. #1 Improved Mobile Application Salesforce’s new Lightning Design System reflects the patterns and components that underpin the [...]

Expert’s Post on Sales Goals Aligns With GreatVines’ Strategy

The act of setting sales goals alone is not enough to help your organization achieve lasting success. In fact, setting goals without proper and a realistic context for what is possible can be more detrimental to your operations than not setting any goals at all. Here is some perspective [...]

Achieving “Serenity”

Many of you have heard about the upcoming release of GreatVines Serenity, which by all accounts sounds like another one of our regular package updates. We would like to give you a quick overview of this exciting new technology that we are bringing to you. Serenity is NOT a [...]

Elevating Use of Analytics through the Sales Organization

Post by Guest Blogger, Kevin Shea Mr. Shea has done almost every job in the three-tier system except wait on tables. His experience with top ten suppliers and distributors in over thirty States helps him solve problems for Suppliers, Distributors and Resellers. He is the Founder of, an online beverage [...]