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Trust But Verify – How Data Visibility Keeps Honest Employees Honest

The Russian proverb made famous during the Cold War says, “trust, but verify”.  Pragmatic advice that can be applied to nearly all activity and across walks of life. When it comes to managing million-dollar beverage product sales and marketing budgets, this axiom is particularly relevant. We know selling is a [...]

Running (Selling) Out of Control

As a “do-it-youselfer”, you’re the type of person who derives gratification and a sense of accomplishment from taking your fate into your own hands and not relying on others to help you achieve your goals. But just because you do things for yourself doesn’t mean you have to make the [...]

Where Hand Selling Meets Sales Automation

Beverage Media Group’s Zachary Sussman writes an article on the burgeoning significance of “hand selling” niche varietals. The explosion of consumer interest in new and exciting beverage experiences, he describes in an article slanted toward the retail point of sale, is just as critically relevant to the producer of these [...]

Understanding “Embedded Analytics”

It was early in the genesis of GreatVines that we realized including business insights and results with our application was critical to its success. The buzzword “embedded analytics” didn’t even exist back when we first started focusing on these practices.  Yet, what we were really doing back then is what [...]

Craft Beer Sales Slump – Why and What to do About it

There is no question that Craft Beer has seen a massive growth spurt in the last decade. Consumers have increasingly turned to the more flavorful and higher cost brews from a wider number of suppliers, as well as embracing a constant cycle of product innovation, style proliferation and “SKU armageddon” [...]