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How To Use Goals to Achieve Better Results

It’s a New Year and you know what that means? If you work in sales, its goal time! Yes friends, it’s that time of the year when leadership goes through the exercise of establishing the goals that will drive the company's efforts in the new year. So, with that in [...]

Stop Wasting Sales Time

Contrary to common sense, you can sell more of just about anything by having the discipline to ignore most customers. Ask the nearest sales leader or sales person, “What is the key to selling more?” You’ll probably get answers like, “Make more sales calls,” or “Improve your closing ratio.” What [...]

How GreatVines Supports Increased M&A Activity for Alcoholic Beverage Companies

Shanken News Daily’s article titled, “Craft Spirits Continue Bull Run, With More M&A Activity On The Horizon” details the growing wave of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity occurring within the alcoholic beverage industry. Particularly noticeable in the craft spirits segment (but affecting all types of beverage alcohol producers), M&A activity [...]

GreatVines Proven-Successful Implementation Methodology – Part 2

Nothing is more damaging to a beverage sales force than undertaking the effort to deploy a sales process automation solution that fails to live up to its potential. There is a lot that can go wrong during implementation of such software tools. But GreatVines is invested in making sure this [...]

GreatVines Proven-Successful Implementation Methodology – Part 1

The old saw says, “one must learn to crawl before one can walk, run or fly”. With anticipations running high for the efficiency and productivity boost promised by a new solution, organizations often overlook key, best practices for successful implementations. This leads to crippled implementations at best and failed implementations [...]