It’s widely known that the 3-tier system within the beverage alcohol industry presents a unique set of challenges. RNDC partnered with GreatVines in 2013 to help solve those challenges in a way that would benefit them long-term.

Over the years, they’ve been able to drive strategic sales activities and performance, fortify supplier relationships, and maintain continuous results.


Case Study: RNDC Achieves Greater Visibility and Fortifies Supplier Relationships

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Within the Case Study, you’ll read how RNDC sought to improve collaboration and transparency to meet their challenges head on and successfully navigate the 3-tier system.

What Influenced Them to Choose GreatVines?

GreatVines was established by 3-tier beverage industry visionaries for the purpose of developing and delivering state of the art, industry-specific sales execution tools.

Our motivations came from our own experiences managing sales teams, launching brands, executing trade marketing initiatives, and leveraging sales data. We recognized that with the constant growth and competition the beverage alcohol industry faces every year there would be a huge benefit to utilizing technology, so we went about building our platform.

We saw the potential in streamlining processes, leveraging sales data, and implementing superior CRM to execute more strategically and efficiently and developed GreatVines as an industry-specific, all-in-one solution to sell more, better.

Through GreatVines, RNDC has been able to clearly define and execute strategies, make sales people more productive, keep supplier partners informed, and build brands in the process.