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From the Organizer:

After several years of record-breaking fire events, experts predicted 2020 to be the “year of recovery” for the California wine industry.

However, with the outbreak of a global pandemic came shutdowns disrupting business early in the year in a way never seen before. Just as consumers were starting to visit wine country again, the fires returned with a vengeance in what some might call a disaster inside of a disaster. Not only did it cripple tourism in the region, but the financial impact on the grape and wine market is also still being assessed. To add to these already unstable conditions, the country faced an incredibly acrimonious Presidential race leading to even more economic uncertainty – an uncertainty that many wineries continue to wrestle with.

This year-end virtual conference will take a close look at the 2020 impact on the California wine industry, beginning with an economic overview, both nationally and regionally, followed by an up to date report on the grape and bulk wine market. The conference will conclude with an in-depth presentation featuring insights into changes in consumer buying behavior and channel performance. Ultimately, all attempting to answer, “What Can We Expect in 2021?”