Embedded analytics is a core tenet of the GreatVines business intelligence (BI) delivery strategy. Embedded BI sets itself apart from traditional BI by delivering focused and actionable information within the context of an application. In the case of GreatVines, this means embedding dashboards alongside key attributes of business information such as accounts, chains, products and brands.
GreatVines is also driven by innovation, so  we’d like to highlight below how two of our new innovations – Account Sets and Product Sets – can deliver true value through embedded analytics.

Account Sets are just like they sound. Custom sets or groups of accounts created for a multitude of purposes. In the example below, we have created a target key account set for our brand Cloud Rum. The supporting embedded dashboard is pre-filtered to this account set and displays a variety of key information points, including:

  • Account Set growth vs. prior year
  • Account Set growth vs. the entire account universe
  • Individual performance of accounts  both vs. prior year and against the set as a whole

No need to run a custom report to analyze an important segment of your business!  Save time and highlight this important analysis with ease.


Product Sets Like Account Sets, Product Sets are custom groups of products. These product sets could be created to track key item performance, group line priced items or product families, or group items for other strategic purposes. In the example below, we have created a product set for all of our super premium spirits products across multiple brands. The supporting embedded dashboard is pre-filtered to this product set, and offers key insights to understanding and executing against these strategically important products..


*Note: One of the primary features of account and product sets is that one account or one product can exist in many sets.

Plan, Execute, Measure is another core area of focus at GreatVines, and one which the dashboard below effectively illustrates. In this case, we are highlighting goal attainment based on performance of account activities that generally reflect leading indicators of sales success (in this case scoring against execution of sales drivers/KPIs), objectives created by off-target answers to survey questions, and the incremental points available if the objectives are successfully attained. The system then provides a projected score, which can be measured against goal for that account segment. A rep can simply follow their plan of executing against the objectives they have created to close the execution gaps and improve their scores. In addition, it provides current case volume totals by account, with a variance against the prior period.


Fully dynamic date filtering – In another exciting enhancement, comparison reporting such as Won Accounts, Lost Accounts, New Accounts, Sold/Not Sold etc. now contain capability for independently selecting the date range for each comparison period. In the Sold/Not Sold example below, we have selected September 13 to October 12, 2016 as the “sold” period, and February 14 to March 14, 2016 as the “unsold” period.


As seen above, GreatVines fully supports STR/RAD report filtering by day, including reporting on rate of sale, historical rate of sale, projected inventory etc.