Learn the secret ingredient to highly productive and efficient beverage sales

It’s no secret that collaboration is one of the most potent ingredients when it comes to yielding exceptional productivity. Everyone already knows GreatVines is a fantastic tool for driving collaborative sales and trade marketing activities.  

Beyond this, we’re leaking more information on how GreatVines customers are leveraging our “Activity Recap Email Solution”.  This feature helps sales teams extract maximum value from all their sales efforts by enabling them to easily communicate in real-time. Download the product sheet to learn how this feature keeps stakeholders connected, delivering thorough reporting on all activities as they happen in the field.

And if that’s not enough, learn about the new paradigm for planning and executing beverage sales using “leading indicators of success”. Depletions – the common measure of efficacy in beverage sales – is a lagging indicator. Our white paper, “Moving Beyond ‘Depletions’ as the Measure of Sales Success” reveals why focus on leading indicators instead of depletions yields superior results. Available for download on the sidebar.