Project Description


RNDC Achieves Greater Visibility and Fortifies Supplier Relationships

RNDC is the second largest beverage alcohol distributor of wine and spirits in the U.S. with wholly-owned operations in 20 US states and venture partnership operations in three others. In total, RNDC employs more than 9,500 individuals nationwide.

Like most beverage alcohol distributors, RNDC was grappling with the consequences of the rapid and ongoing consolidation of beverage supplier organizations among the producers of beer, wines, and spirits who seek more consistent and manageable go to market strategies as they consider wholesaler options around the country. Widespread consolidation continues to drive stiff competition among distributors for access to a shrinking pool of suppliers in possession of expanding product portfolios. As a result, distributors like RNDC have an incentive to not only improve their field sales execution performance through more collaborative and strategic selling capabilities but also enhance the transparency to their KPI data and analytics outputs. Simply sharing depletions and other traditional metrics focused on lagging indicators was no longer enough for distributors operating in a highly competitive environment.