Project Description

The Case for Implementing a Technology Solution to Manage Pricing

Why the Spreadsheet-Based Process Will Become Extinct


Do you want to know the secret to boosting beverage alcohol sales force efficiency; saving your sales teams time and money while capturing incremental profits currently being lost to distributors and retailers?  Of course you do!  One of the chief strategies for achieving maximum efficiency and profitability involves exerting and maintaining solid control over your pricing.  Beverage alcohol suppliers selling through the three-tier system (with distributors selling to the trade) need a tool to manage their pricing through the entire sales chain.  This is because whether you have one brand or thirty to manage, you’re still faced with the challenge of developing pricing for each state and distributor individually.  Whereas the venerable Excel spreadsheet may have been a boon to users in the 20th Century, the spreadsheet-based process is no longer adequate to handle the task.  Companies embracing the next generation of technology tools for delivering on-strategy pricing will surely outperform those opting to stay with “how we’ve always done things”.