Rémy Cointreau drives almost half of the more than $1 billion in annual revenue produced by the global Rémy Cointreau organization. The Americas’ operations employ over 250 people, with approximately 150 in US-based sales roles. Prior to adopting GreatVines, Rémy Cointreau had been managing and tracking all its trade sales execution activities manually, including critical processes involved with key account development, brand activation and visibility, trade marketing and retail survey analytics.

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Founded in 1981 and is headquartered in New York, NY, Rémy Cointreau USA, Inc. (Rémy Cointreau) operates as a wine and spirits company. They offer a portfolio of super-premium spirits.

Excerpt from the Rémy Cointreau Case Study


  • No existing automation solution
  • Sales team members faxed details of trade marketing and sales metrics to HQ
  • Limited data visibility hampered sales’ direct contact and engagement with accounts
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  • Implemented platform to manage sales and marketing across 3-tier system in US
  • Platform enabled central repository for all sales data from the field
  • Desktop and mobile interface for field sales teams made data transmission easy and standardized
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  • Dramatic reduction in business cycle time
  • Significant improvement in quality of decision-making supported by data visibility
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