Learn how the GreatVines solution helped DBU USA achieve a high level of granular marketing and sales spend visibility and analysis in every account for the successful US rollout of leading Italian Grappa distiller Bonollo.

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Client Profile

DBU USA Inc. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Distillerie Bonollo Umberto Spa, the largest and leading grappa distiller in Italy. DBU USA Inc. provides marketing and sales support for two key grappa brands: Grappa of Amarone Barrique and Gra’It – Vera Grappa Italiana. DBU USA has launched its initial US sales campaign in New York and Florida with plans for further expansion.

Excerpt from the DBU USA Case Study


  • Ramping up initial sales for product in US markets
  • No existing process for planning, executing and tracking results of sales/marketing efforts
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  • GreatVines engaged to implement management automation for each sales rep
  • Solution configured to include all POS expenses as well as incidentals
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  • Thresholds enabled the identification of “hidden winners” among accounts
  • Greater capability to incentivize sales teams
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