Learn how GreatVines Pricing and Trade Promotion Management solution dramatically increased V2 Wine Group’s speed to market and ability to optimize from FOB to Shelf.

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Founded in 2010, V2 Wine Group (“V2”) was a wine producer that provided sales and marketing services to a limited group of family owned wineries. V2 was dedicated to building strong, family-owned luxury wine brands in the North American marketplace. The company was a partnership between wine industry veterans Dan and Katy Leese and entrepreneur Pete Kight, which was acquired by Delicato Family Wines in 2019 to be integrated into their upscale division, Transcendent Wines.

Excerpt from the V2 Wine Group Case Study


  • Business growth rendering legacy manual processes obsolete
  • Decentralized spreadsheet and email data systems grew unwieldy and prone to error
  • Not enough visibility to ensure pricing and promotions coordinated across divisions
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  • Centralized, cloud-accessible data management
  • Standardized planning and execution of trade promotions and depletion accruals
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  • Dramatic increase in speed to market
  • Optimized FOB to Shelf
  • Improved alignment with brand standards for more effective trade promotion activity
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