Once again, the vulnerability of the on-premise channel was shown because of the pandemic. For the second webinar in our Sales Execution Forum series focused on Actionable Insights for Data-Informed Sales, we take a closer look at strategies you can use to not be caught unaware the next time you’re facing a worst-case scenario. Our speakers focused on which data and Accounts are the right ones you should be paying attention to for solid sales execution.

Featured Speakers:

Themes covered within the webinar:

  1. What are some of the approaches that served you well during this past year? Did you feel like it solidified your approaches or have you been making major pivots?
  2. The pandemic caused a lot of quick changes to beverage alcohol distribution practices. In what ways did you adapt to maximize data in these new channels?
  3. What digital & virtual ways of working that have become the new norm do you see as the most impactful and helpful for your teams and clients?
  4. Has 2020 changed the way you use data forever, or are you seeing a return to more typical use moving forward?

This webinar is hosted by GreatVines’ own Lauren Magee, who has been guiding beverage companies to success through her diverse roles in communications, marketing, sales, and customer success over her ten-year career in the beverage industry.

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Webinar 2 How to Withstand the Worst-Case Scenario

About the Speakers

Angela Burns Headshot
Angela Burns – Vice President of Customer Operations and Training

Opici Family Distributing

Angela has spent the last 20 years of her career working for Opici Family Distributing, a fourth-generation family-owned wine and spirits distributor headquartered in Glen Rock, NJ. In her role, she oversees their Customer Service, Credit & Collections, and Sales Technology Departments, and drives their training initiatives. Over the last 2+ years she has also been appointment as Project Manager for their corporate-wide ERP implementation, set to go live later next year. Outside of the office, she is happily married with four children, ranging in age from 15 to 22.

Ben Salisbury Headshot
Ben Salisbury – Founder and President

Salisbury Creative Group

Ben Salisbury is the Founder and President of Salisbury Creative Group, Inc. which specializes in helping wineries and craft distilleries achieve high levels of sales effectiveness by leveraging technology in their sales process. He uses his knowledge and experience from more than three decades in the industry to help his clients, Ben and his team deliver sales, marketing, and distribution expertise to a wide array of adult beverage clients. Prior to starting his own company in May of 2014, Ben spent 17 years as VP of On Premise National Accounts for both Ste Michelle Wine Estates and Constellation Brands.

Lauren Magee – Customer Success Account Manager


For the better part of ten years, Lauren Magee has been guiding beverage companies to success through her diverse roles in communications, marketing, sales, and customer success. As a GreatVines team member, she’s worn a couple different hats over the years, but her ethos is always the same – bring her go-getter attitude and positive energy to influence others to achieve their potential. Lauren resides in sunny Southern California, with her snake-wrangling husband, curly-haired baby girl, and dire wolf of a dog, and is often dreaming of ways she can escape to the mountains to enjoy all that they have to offer.