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Driving Sales and Trade Marketing Success in the Global Beverage Industry

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Trade Marketing Success
Topics covered within the White Paper:
  • Challenges Facing Suppliers Using Manual Processes
  • Descriptions of Key Sales Levers for the Beverage Alcohol Industry
    • Key Account Identification
    • Distribution Management Strategy
    • Account Activation and Brand Visibility
    • Trade Marketing Efficiency
  • A Proven Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Approach Using GreatVines


The time has arrived for the beverage alcohol industry to follow the well-worn path toward sales and marketing automation which has been successfully translating to increased efficiencies and profits among many other industries over recent years. With the increased adoption and use of technologies in our everyday lives, workers today are more willing and able to embrace new tech solutions to vexing business challenges. This paper examines the challenges facing beverage alcohol companies in managing their complex sales and trade marketing processes. It will make the case that technology now exists to fully automate these processes yielding significant operational and bottom line benefits for producers and suppliers of beer, wine and spirits.

For more information on GreatVines’ capabilities, visit our Trade Promotion Management page to read about which activities can be tracked throughout an entire promotion cycle, four broad levels of financial tracking, and integrations with your ERP and CRM.