Have you noticed that your retail surveys haven’t been providing you with much value? We at GreatVines are firm believers that factoring larger strategic goals into your survey strategy are key to actively improving execution in Accounts. This manifests with the addition of methodology to your plans, allowing you to go beyond simply evaluating what you see to utilizing actionable data. If you’re not sure what that looks like in practice, you’re in luck.

We’ve prepared a White Paper to go over the impact of adding valuable survey methodology to your approach, titled “Optimizing Survey Strategy to Drive Increased Sales – Don’t Just Take Surveys, Take Action!” In it, you’ll find information on what you may be doing wrong, detailed steps you can take to implement sales driving surveys, and what results you can expect from your efforts. To get your free copy, fill out the form below to have it delivered right to your inbox.

Optimizing Survey Strategy to Drive Increased Sales

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Optimizing Survey Strategy to Drive Increased Sales - April 2021
Topics covered within the White Paper:
  • Identifying the Weakness in Common Survey Strategies
  • Steps for Deploying Effective “Sales Driving” Surveys
    • Focus on Asking the Right Questions
    • Focus on Surveying the Right Accounts
    • Manage the Process for Maximum Benefit of Sales
  • What Results Should Be Expected?

Most survey tools only focus on assessing Accounts without taking larger strategic goals into consideration, but our solution allows you to add methodology which utilizes actionable data. For more information on GreatVines’ capabilities, visit our Retail Surveys and Scoring page for a look at our features and the strategy that our team can provide you.