Launching a product is a multi-faceted endeavor that takes careful planning and execution. But have you considered what comes after? Sustaining product velocity is essential, but not easily practiced unless you have the right insights and strategy.

It all starts with a plan, and what better way to decide on an approach than with a list? Nielsen released a checklist resource recently on how to improve your odds of success after your product launch, and we found that their recommendations could easily be accomplished with the data-driven solutions within GreatVines.

Read the list below for guidance on how you can follow Nielsen’s methodology with GreatVines to ensure the survival of your product.

GreatVines Nielsen Product Survival

1. Nielsen Recommends: Monitor Performance In-Store

With GreatVines, You Can:

  • Closely monitor your inventory levels at your distributor(s) with embedded Inventory Dashboards, as well as reorder rates at their top Accounts.

  • Create scheduled reports for potential out of stocks, based on trend analysis.

2. Nielsen Recommends: Drive Your Category

With GreatVines, You Can:

  • Leverage Survey data to measure your key sales drivers, such as shelf placements and displays. You can also carefully monitor retail pricing against your observed competitor pricing.

  • Capture your Promotion Event data with consumer details and demographics.

3. Nielsen Recommends: Boost Your Product In-Market

With GreatVines, You Can:

  • Use Reports and Dashboards to present aggregate brand performance data to buyers across multiple territories and similar Account segments.

4. Nielsen Recommends: Grow Your Market Share

With GreatVines, You Can:

  • Create Account lists or ‘Account Sets” based on “Sold and Unsold” data. This allows you to quickly locate missing opportunities to sell similar products and create additional distribution opportunities.

5. Nielsen Recommends: Use Data to Drive Your Sell-Through Rate

With GreatVines, You Can:

  • Make sure that you’re using relevant data when meeting with buyers and Key Accounts by using Account embedded dashboards before, during, and after interactions.

  • Analyze historical orders to present the right brand data and sell-through metrics to boost points of distribution.

We’re excited that Nielsen recognizes the need for a checklist of this kind, especially to help audit your go-to-market strategy. They provided the guidance, and we’re happy to flesh out the actual process to get your product where it needs to be.

Read the details of Nielsen’s resource here: Improve Your Odds of Success After Your CPG Product’s Launch, The Definitive Checklist for Small & Mid-Size Manufacturers.