Start2016With another year upon us, we turn our sights toward the steps that beverage producers can take to ensure this year is the best year yet in terms of sales effectiveness and efficiency. Whether your sales organization has 2 or 2,000 people in the market, we’re certain that focusing on these activities will succeed at kicking your efforts into high gear.

Objective 1 – Set Better Goals and Establish Strong Metrics for Reporting on Results

  • Focus goals on leading indicators that strategically drive your sales – like National Account Authorizations, Displays, Menu Features, or Staff Trainings.
  • Make results vs goals visible to reps and execs.
  • Define your brand’s “Perfect Account”; support this methodology with survey scores and goals to measure progress.

Objective 2 – Improve Trade Marketing Activities

  • Expect sales and marketing teams to plan and detail their trade and distributor programming in advance to provide visibility to everyone in the organization and tie activities to budgets.
  • Capture names and email addresses of key people in the trade and email them relevant content, e.g.,  seasonal recipes, new product information, invitations to events, etc., on a regular basis.
  • Analyze activities executed vs account sales data to determine which activities are driving your business and which ones are just eating up time and budget.

Objective 3 – Exert Greater Control over Pricing

  • Capture hidden incremental profits by planning from FOB to Shelf Price at all deal levels and for each market.  Use dashboards and reports to “find money”.
  • Fully understand and visualize your pricing data and your distributors’ financials to empower more effective negotiations with wholesaler partners.
  • Eliminate excessive price supports and surprise bill backs from distributors.
  • Increase visibility and simplify the collection of pricing for national accounts for each market.

Remember, we all had to crawl before we could walk. The most important thing is to start.  Start with one best practice and build from it.  You and your team can do this, take advantage of technology. Be superb!