GreatVines is an all-in-one Sales Execution Platform for beverage suppliers, distributors, and promotional agencies. Powered by Salesforce, our suite of mobile tools help you manage 3-tier account relationships, plan appropriate sales activities, create smarter goals for growth, and monitor trade spend and marketing programs. GreatVines offers the flexibility to adapt your sales strategy for rapidly changing market conditions, and supplies analytics to precisely measure the results you need to quickly collaborate with your channel partners.

Together, GreatVines solutions combine powerful technology and potent methodology to deliver results in each of the following solution modules, which can be used as a full suite or independently as needed.

GreatVines Solutions for Beverage Sales Execution

Main Platform Features

What to Expect with Our Solutions

Key Platform Benefits

By measuring execution, performance, and results, you’ll be able to quickly correlate sales efforts and activities with volumes, make smarter decisions faster than ever, and maximize your time spent selling in market. Get a quick return on investment by streamlining IT and administrative resources. Enjoy high user adoption with a single login for field users and a friendly user experience across all devices.


Our platform is developed, managed, licensed, and supported on best-in-class Cloud technologies, from the underlying Salesforce Lightning Platform, GoodData Embedded Analytics, and modern mobile frameworks. Our Field Sales Mobile App runs seamlessly on all browsers and devices, with some functions available offline.

License Options

GreatVines offers license tiers, each with different levels of pricing, access to modules, and number of minimum users. Send us a message to learn more about what option works best for you and your company.


Throughout your on-boarding process, you’ll interact with your own implementation team. Not only will they be with you while you’re getting everything integrated, they’ll also guide you through change management from your existing processes. Our aim is to get you up and running as smoothly as possible, and to set you up for success in using the platform as effectively as possible. This includes configuration and training prior to launch, and regular check-ins once you’re live.

Support & Documentation

Once you’re live with GreatVines, you’ll have access to learning tools through our support portal. We have detailed, step-by-step guides to each of our modules, frequently asked questions, platform updates, and announcements. Our documentation is updated regularly to give you the best experience possible. If you’re in need of support beyond the guides, you can submit a ticket for help. Our support team works quickly and efficiently to make sure you’re on track as soon as possible.

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GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis

GreatVines Resources

Sales Methodology

Our proprietary sales methodology focuses all sales and marketing efforts on a cycle that provides strategic planning, fosters optimal execution of plans, enables actionable metrics and provides recommendations for continuous improvement. 

This cycle is proven to yield results in pursuit of the five beverage-selling, critical success factors:

  • Identifying Key Accounts
  • Developing and Executing a Distribution Strategy
  • Increasing Account Brand Activation and Visibility
  • Maximizing Efficiency of Trade Marketing efforts
  • Implementing and Enforcing Strategic Pricing
GreatVines Blog Articles Solutions

Guidance Alongside Our Solutions

The GreatVines Team actively keeps up with industry resources and news sources to make sure that we’re staying relevant in today’s fast-paced sales market. We then take that information and make it available to you through various means on our website. Look for regular Blog Articles to help you with strategies, Case Studies and White Papers that take a deeper dive into how our customers are using our platform, Product and Service Sheets that dig into our solutions in a more granular way, Webinars that discuss currents events and sales strategies, and a list of Upcoming Trade Shows and Events that we’ll be attending.

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The GreatVines Team

When you work with GreatVines, you also inherit the combined experience and expertise of our skilled team of industry experts. Between us, we have over 100 years of combined beverage sales experience!

Over the last ten years, we’ve been implemented by over 100 beverage companies across fifteen countries. With a strong focus on customer success, we fully manage an average of four major releases per year.

Learn more About GreatVines or the Team members who work here by hopping over to one of our other pages.

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