With GreatVines National Account Management solution you can secure more business from your target strategic chain and national accounts, and extract the most value from authorizations and programs in this important channel. Request a Demo to learn more about how our platform can boost your national sales.

GreatVines National Account Management Charts

Maximize opportunities with National and Chain Accounts by eliminating the disconnect between authorizations negotiated at the HQ level and their successful execution at the local outlet level.


Establish quarterly or annual goals for each national account, manage distribution and programming under an umbrella authorization, and measure against sales to retail to ensure goals are being met. Our solution also allows you to identify and flag underperforming authorizations for follow-up and bring all accounts into compliance.


Use our solution’s program announcement feature to foster improved communications with distributors and customers. Send emails directly to distributor partners, to keep them looped in on placements and other relevant reports, ensuring distributor partners’ compliance with authorizations.


Gain insight into each account relationship you manage on a national level. GreatVines’ solution is perfect for managing chains, multi-unit stores, and on-premise national accounts, and lets sales teams monitor performance against authorizations and promotions. This visibility into activity and performance scorecards ensures effective sales execution.


Tie your authorizations back to depletions data (RAD/STR) to ensure all mandated placements have occurred in each outlet. Our solution provides exception reporting, flagging non-compliance so that sales teams can hold accounts and distributors to agreed-upon distribution and promotions.

Benefits of National Account Management

This feature works cohesively with other GreatVines sales platform modules to deliver a maximum benefit
to users and generate significant value adds:

  • Foster stronger relationships with key national accounts through GreatVines’ industry-specific CRM and workflow.

  • Make accurate and timely submissions of required pricing for authorized products in each separate market via our Price Planning and Management module.

  • Survey individual outlets to ensure compliance with corporate mandates by highlighting issues with actionable reports and the ability to scorecard the results.

  • Budget for trade spends against specific programs for strategic accounts to maintain financial accountability and provide visibility to all stakeholders.

  • Gain deeper insight with the ability to manage and report against an alternative chain hierarchy.

  • Combine authorizations with your syndicated depletion data to measure performance versus your plan.

Learn about modern strategies by reading the experience and advice of Tom Baril, our VP of Sales.

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