The GreatVines price management solution is the perfect complement to the sales execution and trade marketing automation platform, delivering solid financial planning and control capabilities to help producers optimize their profitability. Replace spreadsheet-based pricing processes that are tedious, opaque, inefficient and prone to error. Relying on best guesses to derive pricing and cobbling together imperfect and inflexible national pricing strategies are no longer sufficient to maintain competitive advantage.

Maximize Profits with the Right Price, Everyday, Everywhere

Our pricing solution brings the same level of discipline and control to pricing as you’ve applied to crafting your quality beverage products. You wouldn’t settle for mediocrity in the production of your beer, wine or spirit. Don’t settle for mediocre profitability by failing to implement the best pricing optimization solution available.

The GreatVines Pricing Solution Boosts Profitability

  • Implement disciplined pricing through broad visibility into pricing actions and results
  • Work smarter with friendly interface ensuring user adoption and driving pricing workflow standardization/alignment across all markets
  • Optimize volume/profit scenarios and capture the spread between distributor and retail costs
  • Exert full control over markups, margins and depletion allowances
  • Improve efficiency of promotional spend for stronger incentives at lower overall cost
  • Optimize from FOB to shelf
  • Gain solid competitive advantage

Frustrated by the outsized amount of time spent manipulating outdated pricing systems? Even if you have a legacy technology in place which was industry-leading in its day, advancements in cloud computing have rendered those pricing tools obsolete. However, for customers not ready to implement the entire platform – or for those with an existing sales and trade marketing software already in place, the pricing optimization platform can be offered as a standalone solution.

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GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis