Retail surveys and scoring efforts exist to add value to your sales process and help enforce brand standards. Gathering the data wasn’t ever difficult. Keeping it organized and analyzing it in a strategic way are where the pain points reveal themselves. Where there once was a mess of spreadsheets and email attachments there is now a powerful, all-encompassing survey solution provided by GreatVines.

Save time and effort with quick, precise, and meaningful insights needed to improve your team’s execution in the field.

GreatVines Retail Surveys and Scoring Audit
GreatVines Retail Surveys and Scoring Preview

In their most basic form, surveys are meant to aid in achieving business goals. Their potential is greater than that though, and the tool you may be using could be holding you back from reaping the benefits.

Reasons you may need a new retail survey tool:

  • Your existing survey questions aren’t designed to give you actionable insights

  • Current survey processes lack means for determining which accounts are best to survey and which are a waste of time

  • Your field team isn’t engaged in the strategic purpose behind surveying

  • Processes for planning, implementing, and analyzing surveys aren’t standardized or able to be replicated

  • Your existing surveys don’t actually drive increased sales or profit

At GreatVines, we understand the potential that retail surveys have to enhance collaboration within your organization, and with your supplier or distributor partners. We see the opportunities that intelligent surveys have for increasing compliance with brand standards and to more accurately track sales execution. We understand the checklist measures that it creates for your field team. With all of these factors considered, we’ve created a survey tool that goes beyond simply noting observations.

Our Retail Surveys and Scoring Features

  • Intuitive design interface: An easy-to-use interface makes creating surveys a breeze, reducing administrative hours spent.

  • Highly customizable: The possibilities of what you can create are endless with our wide range of survey options.

  • Reusable templates: Eliminate future design time by creating and saving surveys for repeated use.

  • Mobile-friendly: Effortlessly capture and submit complete surveys on-the-go.

  • Photo validation: Enhance survey answers with photos taken from the survey device.

  • Descriptive images: Provide your users with examples for comparison against brand standards or company expectations.

  • Geotagging: Analyze survey data based on GPS coordinates of the survey and account.

  • Actionable results: Immediately see a list of missed opportunities at the account level and turn off-target answers into new Objectives.

  • Informed analysis: Directly compare performance metrics and KPIs to results by using other relevant data such as Sales Activities, Retail Sales or Distributor Depletions.

  • Auditable performance: Sales managers and administrators can quickly audit surveys to ensure greater accountability, gauge performance over time, identify areas requiring ongoing attention, and calculate score variances versus original surveys down to the question.

  • Easy access: A centralized collection of survey data makes information conveniently accessible to your team, making accountability and compliance more transparent than ever before.

Strategy and Expertise Make the Difference

Most survey tools only focus on evaluating accounts without considering larger strategic goals. The GreatVines Survey Module goes beyond just gathering information, it lets you strategize what you collect, use point scoring, audit performance, and use the analysis to actively improve your execution in accounts to ultimately drive sales.

Conclusively, retail survey projects with actionable data will increase sales. Without the methodology behind them, their value is very low.

The GreatVines team can help you with this methodology, or you can test out your own. Based on best practices, we help beverage producers of all varieties and sizes to create, deploy, and leverage successful surveys. Whether you’re just getting started or need an audit of your current survey practices, we can help you to create or optimize your plans. You’ll also learn how to manage the execution and analysis of your survey activity.

GreatVines Retail Surveys and Scoring Design
GreatVines Retail Surveys and Scoring Completed Survey

Use Case Examples:

  • Compare to Sales Goals (recommended)
  • Segment and classify accounts based on brand standards
  • Market research (Compare competitor products to your own)
  • Brand representation
  • In-store execution (Such as audit, merchandising, display builds, or restocking)
GreatVines Demo Beverage Sales Execution Software iPad
GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis