GreatVines offers enterprise-level sales execution analytics that help transform transactional data into actionable intelligence for more efficient, effective beverage sales and trade marketing. Our suite of analytics tools deliver powerful data-driven intelligence to sales and executive teams through dashboards with stunning visuals and customizable reports.

Sales Execution Analytics that Give More Visibility Than Any Other Solution

Easy Reporting

Our reporting wizards make quick work of running reports on KPIs like depletions, promotions, activities, menus, as well as a range of other items that are used for measuring success.

  • Monitor important initiatives and objectives in real-time

  • Configure dashboards to populate the most relevant reports for each user
  • Dive into data on various levels with our dynamic set of capabilities

Take advantage of strategic KPIs and drive better sales. Transform raw data into a competitive advantage.
GreatVines Sales Execution Analytics Reporting Dashboard
GreatVines Sales Execution Analytics Retail Sales

Retail Sales Analysis

GreatVines is set up for daily data integration with leading data providers Nielsen Beverage Data Network and Vermont Information Processing (VIP). This opens doors for our customers that include a wide range of sales execution analytics.

This gives suppliers visibility into Retail Sales and wholesaler depletions (known as RAD or STR, respectively). These retail sales identify cases sold to licensed accounts by distributors.

Distributor customers use GreatVines’ ERP integration and sales order entry module to review retail sales trends and distribution velocity.

  • Daily retail sales reports
  • Daily distributor sales reports
  • Sales trend analysis and distribution velocity
GreatVines Demo Beverage Sales Execution Software iPad
GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis

Analyze Shipments and Depletions

GreatVines integrates complete distributor shipment, depletion, and retail sales data, along with other CRM and sales activity data in the system. Distributor data (from either BDN, VIP, or another partner) provides a full view of the customer not available with other solutions or reporting tools.

Standard and custom GreatVines reports measure and roll-up accounts sold or /unsold, sales by channel, sales by market or territory, and sales by any other field in the system (like key accounts, consumer type, target list, etc).

  • View distributor data down to the account level

  • Utilize rare visibility into distributor performance

  • Measure performance against goals to see true ROI of marketing programs
GreatVines Sales Execution Analytics Shipments Depletions
GreatVines Sales Execution Analytics Measure Activities

Measure Activities

GreatVines tracks customer data with sales activities, depletions, and retail sales. This allows our sales execution analytics tool to calculate more detailed, account-specific sales metrics, but also expand across multiple brands and geographies. Through our analytic tool’s flexibility, we can optimize your overall sales footprint.

  • Calculate sales efficiency metrics and get visibility to true sales cycle costs
  • Use projections across multiple brands and territories