The key to extracting maximum value from your sales strategy starts with sales goal management. A well-developed plan is an essential first step, best executed with the integration of sales data. Educated guesses are a thing of the past with the application of GreatVines’ Goal Management solution.

Plan and Execute Goal Plans, Measure Success, and Share Results

How Does Sales Goal Management Work?

The Goal Management module enables administrators to set, execute, and measure goals that drive any strategic imperative. This powerful module can be deployed to identify sales and activity goals across target accounts using an intuitive and easy to understand design interface. With it you can:

  • Identify realistic sales and activity goals

  • Keep goals and target account organized and simplified

  • Deliver access and visibility into key performance indicators

  • Monitor progress in real time

The module provides countless combinations of strategies and the performance metrics needed to pursue the most effective sales goal management practices. Below are examples of metrics at your disposal:

GreatVines Sales Goal Mangement Examples

The Bottom Line

Don’t dig around randomly hoping to hit pay dirt when it comes to your sales strategy. Use the GreatVines Sales Goal Management solution to get strategic and methodical with your goal initiatives.

GreatVines Demo Beverage Sales Execution Software iPad
GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis

Setting Smart Goals

Setting smart goals begins with understanding the relevancy of your goals to your overall business strategy. Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking to accomplish, set yourself up for success with an overall sales methodology.

Create an opportunity to play to your team’s strengths by finding measurable and attainable goals that make sense for the group and individuals alike. Keep your objectives simple. Use relevant sales activities, and accounts to implement them in, as a basis for your goals where possible. The best plans aren’t overly complicated.

Need a place to start? Easily identify sales and activity goals through our Goal Management solution. You’ll be able to improve overall sales performance and strengthen your return on investment (ROI) by having all the information you need in one place.

What Goals to Set

Setting volume goals for depletions and/or shipments alone is not enough to ensure continual and sustainable growth. GreatVines can help you tie every sales and marketing activity to the right reports and dashboards. This model supports visibility and insights into the KPIs that translate to more and better sales.

Our Sales Goal Management module delivers an easy to use system for building sales goals, activity goals and objectives within target accounts. It’s supported by GreatVines’ proven beverage alcohol sales methodology of Plan, Execute, Measure, and Share. Using this will help you to avoid the common mistakes which lead to bad results.

Common Mistakes with Goal Management
  • Oversimplified goals focused on unsustainable volume results

  • Poor alignment with the right accounts

  • Rigid goals not based on historical outcomes

  • Incomplete visibility into activity data

GreatVines Sales Goal Management Goal Plan