Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is the process of following a full promotion cycle with beverage retailers in an effort to increase brand awareness, revenue, and market share. The process starts with going through plans and budgets, and moves through programs, expenses, and finally post-promotion analysis. Tracking this process is necessary to better measure and strategize the ROI on experiential events and promotional activities related to your brand. Overall, our TPM solution saves hours of effort from your team and creates processes to help you meet compliance requirements.

Build and Execute Strategic Budget Plans that Drive Successful Trade Promotions

Basic Trade Promotion Management simply tracks spend, but lacks the depth to truly audit profitability and observe how promotion activities integrate with sales initiatives as a whole. Through the GreatVines integrated solution, you have the ability to manage more and are able to tie results back to relevant metrics like volume. This creates greater visibility into your retail execution efforts and more successful ROI with your trade promotions by making more informed planning decisions. With the ability to link expenses with depletion data, you gain invaluable transparency to your promotional spend.

Trackable, Brand Building Promotion Examples

  • In-market Tastings & Promotions
  • Agency Activity
  • Distributor Programs & Incentives
  • POS and Promotional Materials Production
GreatVines Trade Spend Management
GreatVines Trade Promotion Management In-market Wine

GreatVines’ Trade Promotion Management Module Covers Four Broad Levels of Financial Tracking:

  • Budgets – Total Allocation of Dollars

  • Budget Plans – Detailed Breakout of Budgets by Brand or Region

  • ProgramsMarketing Initiatives to Execute

  • ExpensesTeam, Distributor, Partner, or Vendor Invoices or Billbacks

With this robust, intuitive tool, you can build spend allocations according to previously approved budget plans, ensuring that your execution is accurate and consistent.

Track promotion spend by:
  • Brand/Product/Label

  • Market

  • Distributor

  • Retailer

  • National Account

  • And more…

GreatVines Trade Promotion Management Bottles on Shelf
GreatVines Trade Promotion Management Solution

Seamless ERP and CRM Integration

With our Trade Promotion Management solution, there’s no need to recreate budgets to manually port them between your ERP system and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or TPM tool. Our solution can support bi-directional integration with your ERP so you can plan in ERP and send to CRM/TPM or vice versa. Create and maintain budgets in your ERP and share them with GreatVines through an automated process. Easily create local programs in the field, solicit and track approval by regional managers or finance, and integrate with ERP invoice coding process.

Visibility Throughout the Full Promotion Cycle

Not only does our TPM solution clarify and measure the execution and effectiveness of budgeted trade promotion spend, but it does double duty managing bill backs and tracking depletion allowances. You can help drive reimbursement to beverage distributor partners for their promotional spending. Our Trade Promotion Management module provides an easy and effective process for integrating bill backs and reconciling expenses against planned spends, ensuring visibility through profit and loss reporting.

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