Improve Key Account Relationships and Enforce Best Practices

With GreatVines, you get a proven methodology for driving your sales execution strategy, including setting goals, segmenting accounts, focusing sales efforts on strategic priorities, and measuring the results effortlessly across numerous platforms and devices.

Leading beverage suppliers and distributors leverage GreatVines to adopt and facilitate consistently effective sales methodologies that deliver executional excellence. Users also gain visibility into sales performance, putting in place the measurements/metrics that support effective sales execution and management.

Make Every Visit Count

Arm sales personnel with the tools they need to identify the target accounts in their respective markets and focus their time and attention strategically. Ensure each account call and activity performed is relevant, representing the best sales opportunity and outcomes for your products distribution, visibility and promotion. Don’t waste time on the wrong accounts or the wrong activities.

GreatVines provides the ability to create replicable sales workflows to Plan, Execute and Measure activities and objectives and achieve more accurate results for continuous process and performance improvement.

Track all sales and trade marketing activity dedicated to both account and consumer activation. Replicate the high performing activities and discontinue the poor performers with drilled down visibility into individual activities such as:

  • Product Displays and Features

  • Menu Placements

  • POS Materials and Merchandising

  • Promotional Events and Tastings

  • Presentations and Staff Trainings

  • Order Commitments

  • Program Activation

  • Retail Ads, Scans and Incentives

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