Plan your Work and Work your Plan

The key to producing more and better sales opportunities lies in well-developed plans for achieving strategically designed, appropriately targeted goals and a proven methodology for acting upon goals, seeing them through to fruition. The right tools and processes are now available from GreatVines enabling sustainable sales performance critical to yielding ROI. GreatVines goal mining solution helps beverage sellers develop and execute smart goals with vigor and precision.

The Goal Management module enables management to set, execute and measure goals for driving any strategic imperative.

  • Identify and formalize realistic sales and activity goals

  • Keep goals and account targets organized and simplified

  • Deliver access and visibility into key indicators

Arm sales personnel with the tools they need to identify the target accounts in their respective markets and focus their time and attention strategically. Ensure each account call and activity performed is relevant, representing the best sales opportunity and outcomes for your products distribution, visibility and promotion. Don’t waste time on the wrong accounts or the wrong activities.

Setting goals for depletions is simply not enough to ensure successful sales. GreatVines’ Sales Execution and Management solution ties every sales and marketing activity to sales metrics and ROI reporting. This supports visibility and insights into the leading and lagging sales indicators that translate to more and better sales.

The GreatVines Goal Management module delivers an intuitive and easy to use interface for establishing sales goals, activity goals and objectives within target accounts. It is supported by GreatVines’ proven methodology for strategic goal design helping sales teams avoid the common pitfalls of goal management that can lead to sub-par performance such as:

  • Oversimplified goals focused on unsustainable, lagging indicators like volume

  • Poor alignment against strategically targeted accounts

  • Rigid, one-size-fits-all goal design lacking historical context

  • Incomplete visibility into data supporting goal performance

Tired of taking educated best guesses about how to drive sustainable sales growth across your territories? Stop guessing and start applying a data-driven approach to goal development, execution and metrics with GreatVines Goal Management solution. Get strategic and methodical with your goal mining initiatives. Download the Goal Management Product Sheet for more details.

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