Mobile apps to keep you connected

Never lose touch with your business with powerful apps like GreatVines Mobile and our new Serenity Progressive Web App. It’s what you need to get the job done no matter where you are. And best of all, it works with the devices you already have, with or without an Internet connection.

GreatVines and Serenity run seamlessly on all browsers with Internet access, as well as with mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows 10. GreatVines Mobile is developed with a hybrid HTML5 framework where Serenity introduces our first pure Javascript Progressive Web App (PWA) on the latest standards. Both mobile solutions utilize the same credentials as our standard browser environment, are available in offline mode, and GreatVines Mobile can also be installed by end users from the device appstores.

  • Apple iPad and iPhone

  • Apple MacBook Pro

  • Windows 10 Tablets

  • Android Phones

  • Chromebook and Pixel Books

Collaborate with your entire organization

  • Stay in touch, from anywhere, anytime
  • Share winning strategies
  • View key account photos
  • Learn about recent developments

Connectivity From Everywhere

  • Work seamlessly offline
  • Sync critical data quickly
  • Geolocation aware
  • Camera and library integration

Capture Key Insights

  • Record Account Visits
  • Create Objectives
  • Update Customer Data
  • Survey Key Accounts