Extend Your Enterprise

Tools and services to help integrate your customer, product and sales data

Uniform data and the ability to move it effectively and efficiently across all relevant systems used by beverage producers is essential to the success of GreatVines. That is why we give careful attention to developing data integration processes and practices that achieve and maintain control over critical data such as Product, Customer, Inventory, Sales Order, and Pricing/Financial datasets.

Additionally, the GreatVines ETL Engine can load data from 3rd party data providers into GreatVines providing a complete picture of customers and sales across the 3-tier supply chain. This data includes retailers, national account chains, wholesaler inventory and depletions, and Sales to Retailers (STR/RAD).

GreatVines also loads data from all of the leading beverage alcohol depletion and account providers, such as Nielsen TD Linx, VIP/BDN, and Aperity.

Behind the scenes, the GreatVines Integration Engine is a workhorse driving accurate data between a wide range of disparate systems, consolidating into the solution’s integrated application and reporting environment. With the data available and actionable – literally at their fingertips – users can make informed sales decisions, to sell more, better.