GoodData Embedded Analytics Distribution Platform is a highly scalable and secure cloud BI solution that unlocks the value of enterprise data assets by delivering targeted analytics to GreatVines customers.

Leverage the transformative power of cloud analytics to supercharge the results of your sales and marketing efforts. GreatVines is proud to partner with GoodData — the leading cloud-based analytics distribution platform — embedding powerful reports and dashboards directly into the application. GoodData integration delivers specific and configurable sales, activities, survey and other critical information to each user in real-time.

GoodData Embedded Analytics and GreatVines

Partners since 2011, GreatVines and GoodData have maintained a close technical relationship, driving continuous product innovation.  As a member of the GoodData Customer Advisory Board, GreatVines takes full advantage of the latest product enhancements available on the GoodData platform.

Beyond the full suite of packaged analytic capabilities for every module within the platform, GreatVines also delivers a powerfully integrated data model in conjunction with GoodData’s Advanced Analytics Query Engine. This innovative data model allows GreatVines users to derive complete insights from what would otherwise be disparate data sources. Understanding how sales activities directly affect sales volumes is a powerful insight unique to GreatVines. GoodData is the engine that drives this capability.

Examples of GoodData Embedded Analytics Dashboards

GreatVines Demo Beverage Sales Execution Software iPad
GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis