What is the Lightning Experience?

Lightning is the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform.  It is a quantum leap forward in functionality, usability and speed. IT has been designed by Salesforce for all their partners and clients to utilize.

Is this part of a GV release?

Lightning is a change to the browser User Interface (UI) within GreatVines and separate from any GV release.

Why should we migrate to Lightning?

Lightning Experience is a modern, productivity-boosting user experience and the best we have to offer our customers. Transitioning to Lightning Experience enables your organization to take advantage of the latest technology as well as have access to the low-code, component-based framework that Salesforce is providing.

Do we have to migrate to Lightning?

You do not have to migrate to Lightning but Salesforce will release a critical update on October 12, 2019 that makes it much more difficult to work in the Classic interface. For the time being, GreatVines will continue to support Salesforce Classic, but the list of only-in-Lightning features continues to grow.

Will we need to pay for this?

A standard migration to Lightning will not affect current costs or licensing. Some migrations may involve custom development, thus incurring additional work.  Custom needs can be discussed with your GreatVines support representative.

How does Lightning affect the GreatVines mobile app / is it related to Serenity the new mobile app?

Lightning does not affect the GreatVines mobile applications. If you connect to the browser version via the GV mobile app, you will see the lightning user interface. Moving forward with the Lightning Experience and new Serenity mobile app will give the end user a more consistent UI from browser to mobile.

How does Lightning affect GoodData dashboards and reports?

Lightning gives you more flexibility in visibility of reports in the browser as well as maintaining access to all your current dashboards and reports.

Will my IT team need to be involved?

GreatVines will need to work with your GV Admin(s) to coordinate changes. If your IT team is responsible for user management, they will need to be involved.

Is there any online training available?

As we develop GreatVines training modules specific to Lightning, we suggest that customer Administrators take a look at the following resources available from Salesforce Trailhead: