Salesforce Lightning Platform is the leading cloud framework for business application development, used to automate critical processes, extend your business and become a social enterprise. GreatVines is designed to leverage all the benefits of Salesforce customization and extensibility such as automation and workflow, email integration, direct marketing, comprehensive API services plus much more.

All core GreatVines app functionality and data management, other than reporting and analytics, is built and hosted on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. The GreatVines Mobile application suite is built upon the Salesforce Mobile SDK,  and also recognized as a leading partner app for innovation. GreatVines has been a featured partner on the AppExchange Retail category since 2009.

Salesforce is a cloud computing pioneer offering a market-leading “Software-as-a-Service”, first introduced in 1999, and a market-leading “Platform-as-a-Service” unveiled in 2007. The vendor’s flagship platform offering has been and remains, a cloud-native, high-productivity, shared-everything cloud platform service. Salesforce1 Platform joins, Heroku (via Heroku Connect) and a collection of other platform-related capabilities. is built around a proprietary, high-scale, cloud-native relational DBMS. This is the same DBMS that underlies Salesforce applications.

By leveraging the technological strengths of Salesforce, and other platforms such as GoodData and Amazon AWS, our team is able to focus on solving real world business challenges for our customers, as opposed to worrying about servers, storage, security and authentication. GreatVines customers benefit from the same updates and improvements as all Salesforce1 platform customers, which means faster innovation, more reliable services and a user experience that is always ahead of the curve.