GreatVines works with technology partners to implement our services for the purpose of suiting a broader range of customer needs, mostly centered around organization size and global location.

GreatVines Equinox Technology Partners

Equinox Technology Partners

Over the last eight years Equinox has applied its industry and tech expertise to implement GreatVines for clients with volumes ranging from a few thousand to the better part of one-million. Since 2012 they’ve offered integration and data collection services, making it easier to evaluate and choose the right tools to make sales teams more competitive.

GreatVines iD Systemes Technology Partners

ID Systemes

ID Systemes in Bordeaux, France, resells GreatVines in France and select European Markets. They have rebranded GreatVines in French as “iDCrmPro” and have excellent staff capable of selling, installing and supporting GreatVines in French with many customizations specific to the French Market.

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