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GreatVines team members and partners bring decades of experience, leadership and recognition in consumer goods, sales, marketing and technology. Here are some of our most recent articles and publications.

The “Programmarian” Explosion – GreatVines’ Evolutionary Linkage

By | May 5th, 2016|General,, Technology|

More than half a billion years ago, there was a quantum leap in the variety and complexity of life on Earth.  After eons of the unchanged supremacy of sponges and [...]

Distributors Getting Smart About Their Sales Processes In Order to Grow

By | April 18th, 2016|3-Tier System, Sales Strategy, Technology|

The evolution of consumer tastes over the last decade has spawned an explosion of brands – beer, wine and spirits – resulting in an already crowded field becoming nearly unmanageable [...]

Effective Sales and Depletion Reporting is More than Just “Cases Sold”

By | March 24th, 2016|3-Tier System, Sales Strategy|

If you’re not leveraging contemporary best practices for sales and depletion reporting in today’s hyper-competitive beverage marketplace, you’re falling behind.  Things have changed and old, volume-focused depletion incentives are no [...]

Unlock Your Pricing Potential

By | March 9th, 2016|Pricing Management|

There are tangible benefits to exerting greater control over pricing, particularly when it comes to selling beverages via the 3-tier system. But, just what does that mean to “exert greater [...]

4 Ways to Manage Wholesaler Changes to Come out Ahead

By | February 25th, 2016|3-Tier System, Sales Strategy|

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change" - Charles Darwin Change is inevitable. It’s also an [...]

3 Ways To Improve Sales Execution With Social Media

By | February 17th, 2016|Sales Strategy|

Jim Thompson - Chief Technology Officer When our partner first introduced “Chatter” and “Social Contacts” as part of their new Social Enterprise Platform in 2011, I was [...]

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Optimizing Survey Strategy to Drive Increased Sales

Don’t Just Take Surveys — Take Action! EXCERPT More than most other industries, beverage alcohol producers inhabit a particularly complex [...]

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Moving Beyond “Depletions” as the Measure of Sales Success

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“Not only is GreatVines an easy-to-manage sales automation platform, but the tremendous support provided by the team makes it even better. From on-the-spot troubleshooting to proactive updates to the tools, GreatVines becomes more effective every time we use it. Highly recommended!.”

— Hugh Lander, Remy Cointreau

” A Salesforce automation tool that has helped grow our business

“We began the partnership to provide a salesforce automation tool to nearly 1,000 sales reps and managers. We have been able to build an effective, efficient, and extremely powerful tool that has increased our sales and profitability each month since its implementation. We have been TREMENDOUSLY pleased with the GreatVines system, and very pleased with the partnership. GreatVines customer service is OUTSTANDING, and they are truly partners in every sense of the word. I highly recommend their product, their people, and their company.”

— Jay Finnigan, Republic National Distribution Company

Can’t say enough about GreatVines…the entire team is unfailingly prompt and patient when it comes to customer support, and that is on top of providing our company with a brilliant tool that we use every single day to effectively analyze and manage our beverage sales. They are invested in us and it shows. From our sales team across the country to our CEO, all users of GV gain insight and are empowered by the data provided by the tool. Very highly recommended.
Mollie Cleveland, Deep Eddy Vodka
Working for a small, family owned business GreatVines provides an affordable, sophisticated and scalable platform to manage and track all of our sales metrics. It is the cornerstone of our shipment, depletion and accounts sold data that allows us real-time, easy access to current and historical data. The power of the GreatVines platform lies in its customizable structure. You guys are the best!!!
Tony Matchus, Pisco Porton
GreatVines adds the beverage industry sales tools and data analytics with the world’s leading CRM system, a winning combination! Across our sales and leadership teams, GreatVines provides reporting systems to give us the data we need to make informed business decisions. On top of all of that, Jeremy, Tim and the rest of the GreatVines team are customer focused and driven to meet our needs. If you need a solution to manage distributors, retail accounts and other aspects of your beverage industry business, we highly recommend GreatVines.
Mark Erickson, High West
There is no sales platform currently available that is more cost effective and user friendly than GreatVines. The entire GV team is extremely accessible and responsive towards all questions, concerns and modifications throughout the entire launch process. After first full month of using GreatVines, we experienced a +16.6% increase in shipments based on Field & Executive Management being able to access data in real time on a daily basis. The entire GV team is industry knowledgeable and understands what suppliers need in order to better manage and grow brands. If your looking to engage both your distributors and accounts in a more detailed and informed level… This is the right sales solution platform for you.
Bobby Brower, Great American
GreatVines has become a critical tool in managing our business, both in the field and corporately. The reporting capabilities are very robust, yet very easy to navigate through and customize as needed to better suit our needs. The customer service team is EXCELLENT – Always extremely helpful and quick to respond when we have a question or issue arise. Have been great partners in continually making sure the system is working in a way that best fits our needs and the way we manage our business.

We’re able to better leverage and analyze all of our various sales data, which has helped to make us more efficient; We’re able to easily identify our gaps/opportunities as well as areas of concern. Looking forward to working more with GV and am excited to see all the developments they come up with in the future! Highly recommend this application in the beverage industry!

Krista Cordoza, Fetzer
GreatVines has given our business the necessary tools to be a major player with our distributor partners. We have the capabilities to have insightful analytics to make necessary business choices thanks to GreatVines. The easy to read and operate dashboards are extremely easy to use. The most impressive thing about GreatVines is the team they have put together. They are very open to suggestions and are willing to work with you to customize the system to your liking. GreatVines has proved to be a great partner to us and we are very happy with they system.
Wes Wallinger, V2 Wine Group