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You can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why the minds at GreatVines have developed our Pricing and Trade Promotions Management solution uniquely designed to manage pricing for beverage suppliers.

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How To Execute With Excellence

With a dramatic increase in competitive beverage products in the marketplace, a key strategy for differentiation is to improve your sales efficiency. Simply “making your numbers” is no longer enough. The pros focus on relationship management and activities they can measure. Learn how to build sustainable volume and improve channel collaboration.

Five Steps To Help Your Team Execute With Excellence

Surveys That Really Count

Whether you wish to measure visibility, execution or distribution, our new Surveys capture exactly what drive your business. Build targets, scores and profiles to keep your team ahead of the game. “GreatVines has helped us drive on-trade sales to new heights, measure the results and provide visibility throughout our entire organization.” –Scott Gifford, VP, Rémy Cointreau USA

GreatVines Survey Feature

Brands With Lasting Value

V2 is an innovative wine producer, as well as sales and marketing partner to leading California brands, dedicated to growing a portfolio of highly differentiated products and packaging. “The Greatvines application is a home run for a beverage alcohol company, there is no other product as strategically fit for enabling sales teams to maximize their selling efforts.”
–Dan Leese President/CEO V2 Wine Group


Serving Visibility by the Case

Advanced Analytic reports and dashboards are embedded seamlessly into GreatVines requiring no additional login or licensing. Users can see a full dashboard of sales history and results directly on a distributor or retail account page. Topline Reports and broad Sales Intelligence can also be found on one of the many filterable Analytics tabs.

Integrated Reporting Visibility

“Moving The Needle” Award

GreatVines is proud to be recognized as a thought leader for cloud computing and CRM-related innovation. “GreatVines’ industry insights plus The Salesforce1 Platform have made it possible for them to provide an affordable, modern automation system in a micro-vertical and it’s a great example of what’s possible with cloud computing” –Beagle Research Group, LLC


Square One Organic Spirits

Our team must be able to see the big picture, from key accounts, strategic objectives and trade programming to depletions and sales activities. We never had this information all in one place.  Finally… technology that’s fast, inexpensive, and made just for our  industry.”  Allison Evanow, Founder and CEO, Square One

Square One Organic Spirits

Craft Brewers Alliance

A leading supplier of craft beer brands such as Widmer Brothers, Redhook and Kona Brewing, CBA uses GreatVines to manage wholesalers, quickly analyze data and foster collaboration.

“GreatVines is a game changer in the management of our supplier business” — Derek Hahm, VP Sales


Consumer Events and Experience

The GreatVines Event Management Center takes Brand management to the next level. Track demographics, event KPIs, staffing and expenses, with full budgeting and reporting capabilities. Portal access allows event staff to report real-time results. Gather key insights about consumer interactions and brand experiences.


Superior Sales Management

GreatVines helps suppliers and distributors manage sales and marketing with an easy-to-use, real-time cloud solution. Trusted by some of the best names in the global beverages.

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Plan, Execute and Measure

Get critical data on the fly, from embedded distributor depletion and inventory reports, to Chain Retail Sales summaries. Everything you need in one place, on all devices.

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Online and Offline Mobile

Sales reps work on the road, and so does GreatVines. See how GreatVines works on the most popular mobile devices, including offline capabilities and multiple languages.

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3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Depletion Reporting Solution

Comments Off on 3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Depletion Reporting Solution
September 17, 2015 · by Tim Jones · 3-Tier System, Analytics, Technology

The peak season is rapidly approaching and suppliers, their sales teams, distributors and retailers are all gearing up for the fourth quarter push. The forward-thinking suppliers are also casting an eye toward 2016 and considering how they’ll achieve their goals for the new year. For many, this may include examining new and improved ways to…

Ditch Depletion Incentives for Sales Reps!?!? Why You Should Focus on Leading Indicators

Comments Off on Ditch Depletion Incentives for Sales Reps!?!? Why You Should Focus on Leading Indicators
September 9, 2015 · by Tim Jones · General, Sales Strategy
Hanging Carrot

In my years as a supplier sales manager for some of the biggest suppliers out there (as well as a start–up that went from 0 to 60 pretty quickly) I learned first-hand about the realities of sales rep behavior. The fact is, the best sales people are driven by money.  This is a good thing….

The IT Evolution Behind the Pricing Revolution

Comments Off on The IT Evolution Behind the Pricing Revolution
August 24, 2015 · by John Collins · Pricing Management

For as long as I’ve been with GreatVines a common question from suppliers surfaces: “What do you have to offer to help me manage my pricing?” In my former role with a supplier like those we serve today, we built multiple iterations of a pricing tool in house, and also examined industry solutions over the…

Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want a Cloud Solution for Pricing

Comments Off on Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want a Cloud Solution for Pricing
August 10, 2015 · by Jim Thompson · Pricing Management, Technology
Money Cloud

At times, we encounter resistance to the idea of taking beverage pricing processes into the cloud. We get it. Cloud sounds like a buzzword, and the last thing you need when trying to get your beverage product into the market is to fiddle around with a technology that purports to help you derive effective, efficient pricing…

How I “Cut My Pricing Teeth”

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Baby Money

Definition:  It’s a metaphoric reference to when a baby’s teeth first appear. They grow (cut) through the gums – often painfully, which also gives us the figurative usage teething troubles. Once the baby has “cut its teeth”, it’s properly equipped for the all-important “real-world” task of chewing solid food (metaphorically, for tackling more complex problems in…

5 Easy Ways to Implement Basic CRM and Why You Should

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July 1, 2015 · by Jim Thompson · Sales Strategy

We hear technology experts talk about “CRM” or Customer Relationship Management as a critical part of any company’s sales strategy. Harvard Business Review reported that companies who implement CRM increased sales 10% to 30% on average! After all, it is where GreatVines got its start and a core part of our solution. These days we more regularly refer to…

Great Show: WITS 2015 Recap

Comments Off on Great Show: WITS 2015 Recap
June 30, 2015 · by Tim Jones · 3-Tier System, Events, Sales Strategy, Technology

I recently attended the 11th annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium in Napa. As always, lots of great people from around the industry were there and I’m proud that GreatVines was a part of it. I led a session and made a presentation titled “Executing Your Brand Strategy in the On-premise” to attendees. We had some great dialogue…

3 Q’s for Alcohol Suppliers Considering a New Sales Reporting Solution

Comments Off on 3 Q’s for Alcohol Suppliers Considering a New Sales Reporting Solution
June 10, 2015 · by Beau Redstone · 3-Tier System, Analytics, Sales Strategy, Technology

Most producers of beer, wine and spirits have some form of sales reporting/trade marketing solution in place to help them manage their business. Whether it is a collection of manual processes, a “home-brewed” technology solution or a third-party software tool, there has never been a better time than now to reassess the overall effectiveness of…

April 26, 2015 · by Beau Redstone · 3-Tier System, Analytics
Browser homepage

The GreatVines Analytics platform is a comprehensive Business Intelligence environment providing the only true end-to-end Sales Execution & Management insights in the Beverage Alcohol industry. This post will be the first in a series focusing on integrated CRM analytics using GreatVines. Shipments and depletions are the backbone of any Beverage Alcohol sales analytics platform. While virtually all suppliers have their…

Craft Beverage Expo 2015

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April 24, 2015 · by Tim Jones · Events, General, Marketing, Sales Strategy
Braft Beverage Expo 2015 Logo

I’m excited to be participating in the upcoming Craft Beverage Expo in Santa Clara, CA  on May 6th – 8th.  This is their second annual event and is really big already!  Over 100 exhibitors and lots of great sessions led by industry experts will take place throughout the 2 days around topics including Business Development and…

On-premise Wine Biz in Trouble? Is DIY the answer?

Comments Off on On-premise Wine Biz in Trouble? Is DIY the answer?
February 19, 2015 · by Tim Jones · Sales Strategy

I recently saw some great insights from my old colleague, Charles Gill from Winemetrics, regarding a downward trend in wine in the on-premise.  Craft beer and cocktails are clearly hot categories for consumers, but sales execution has something to do with it, too.  Charles’ analysis is focused on on-premise chain business and their beverage menus/promotions, but is…

5 Ways To Execute With Excellence

Comments Off on 5 Ways To Execute With Excellence
January 21, 2015 · by Jim Thompson · Sales Strategy
Browser homepage

This presentation was the outcome of our last GreatVines staff retreat, where we developed and refined our product messaging. John talked about it in our inaugural newsletter titled “THE JUICE” (subscribe below). It helps explain what we do and more importantly why we do it, from basic CRM concepts like “know your customer” to more advanced concepts involving analytics…

The Best Trade Marketing Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

Comments Off on The Best Trade Marketing Tool You Didn’t Know You Had
January 5, 2015 · by Jim Thompson · Marketing

Being the first full week of 2015, it is hard not to think about resolutions. As a software developer and provider, one of mine is to help our customers get more value from their investment in our solution. As a sales professional in the beverage industry, and a current or future GreatVines user, I’d like to ask that…

How to “Go Deep” and Steal Market Share

Comments Off on How to “Go Deep” and Steal Market Share
September 4, 2014 · by Tim Jones · Sales Strategy

According to the National Restaurant Association and the U.S. Census Bureau, this summer saw Eating and Drinking Place Sales in the U.S. , an indicator of how much consumers are spending in the on-premise, grow to its highest point on record. That equalled $47.3 billion in on-premise sales in the month of July alone. This…

Using GreatVines To Execute With Excellence

  • Measure your key account, trade marketing activities and sales drivers
  • Collaborate with supplier and distributor partners in the marketplace
  • Mobilize your sales team with leading cloud and mobile technologies
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