Surveys That Really Count

Whether you wish to measure visibility, execution or distribution, our new Surveys capture exactly what drive your business. Build targets, scores and profiles to keep your team ahead of the game. “GreatVines has helped us drive on-trade sales to new heights, measure the results and provide visibility throughout our entire organization.” –Scott Gifford, VP, Rémy Cointreau USA

GreatVines Survey Feature

Brands With Lasting Value

V2 is an innovative wine producer, as well as sales and marketing partner to leading California brands, dedicated to growing a portfolio of highly differentiated products and packaging. “The Greatvines application is a home run for a beverage alcohol company, there is no other product as strategically fit for enabling sales teams to maximize their selling efforts.”
–Dan Leese President/CEO V2 Wine Group


Serving Visibility by the Case

Advanced Analytic reports and dashboards are embedded seamlessly into GreatVines requiring no additional login or licensing. Users can see a full dashboard of sales history and results directly on a distributor or retail account page. Topline Reports and broad Sales Intelligence can also be found on one of the many filterable Analytics tabs.

Integrated Reporting Visibility

Craft Brewers Alliance

A leading supplier of craft beer brands such as Widmer Brothers, Redhook and Kona Brewing, CBA uses GreatVines to manage wholesalers, quickly analyze data and foster collaboration.

“GreatVines is a game changer in the management of our supplier business” – Derek Hahm, VP Sales


Square One Organic Spirits

Our team must be able to see the big picture, from key accounts, strategic objectives and trade programming to depletions and sales activities. We never had this information all in one place.  Finally… technology that’s fast, inexpensive, and made just for our  industry.”  Allison Evanow, Founder and CEO, Square One

Square One Organic Spirits

Consumer Events and Experience

The GreatVines Event Management Center takes Brand management to the next level. Track demographics, event KPIs, staffing and expenses, with full budgeting and reporting capabilities. Portal access allows event staff to report real-time results. Gather key insights about consumer interactions and brand experiences.


Superior Sales Management

GreatVines helps suppliers and distributors manage sales and marketing with an easy-to-use, real-time cloud solution. Trusted by some of the best names in alcoholic beverages.

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Plan, Execute and Measure

Get critical data on the fly, from embedded distributor depletion and inventory reports, to Chain Retail Sales summaries. Everything you need in one place, on all devices.

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Online and Offline Mobile

Sales reps work on the road, and so does GreatVines. See how GreatVines works on the most popular mobile devices, including offline capabilities and multiple languages.

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November 8, 2013 · by Tim Jones · Mobile, Sales Strategy
GreatVines Survey Feature

Lots of companies do surveys. Surveying is important, especially at the beginning of key selling periods to drive execution, but most companies do it all wrong and waste the effort they put into the survey. You have a push to get displays, so you do a survey to check display activity in accounts. You want presence in a well, on a backbar, or a cocktail menu so you survey for that as well. However, most companies…

October 17, 2013 · by Jim Thompson · Sales Strategy
Mobile Trade Marketing Surveys

Thanks to new mobile-friendly technologies from Adobe (PhoneGap) and (Mobile SDK) companies like GreatVines are able to provide groundbreaking new applications which leverage the latest tablets and cellular networks to provide seamless business value in the trade. This blog, written by our CTO Jim Thompson and published by, explores the key concepts behind mobile web surveys for retail and the impact it can have on CPG as a whole. Read the full blog…

September 6, 2013 · by Tim Jones · Sales Strategy
Football Coach

Many companies in our industry are doing things the old fashioned way. Their common practice is to review monthly reports of sales summarized by geography and or product, then react by applying pressure to “do better” down the chain of command. At best, they get the same old results. At worst, they get run over by the more progressive and nimble competitors. We see the same thing happening with both small and large companies who…

August 15, 2013 · by Christian Warden · Technology
GreatVines Development

In response to a customer’s request for product roadmap details, and not having the project artifacts they expected based on how they manage internal projects, we asked our Director of Software Development Christian Warden to write up a description of the development methodology we use at GreatVines Axioms of Software Development The GreatVines development methodology follows from a few high-level axioms, draws from multiple software development and project management methodologies, and makes use of modern…

September 21, 2011 · by Tim Jones · Chatter, Mobile, Technology
Chatter Collaboration Cloud

“Social networking-type applications will become as ubiquitous in the workplace as Microsoft Office tools and will likely replace e-mail as the dominant form of corporate communications.” — Bill Gates Chatter is changing the way employees collaborate with one another. New, young sales reps grew up on the internet. This is how they communicate. This is how the world communicates. Now available for your business. Contact GreatVines to learn how Chatter from is an integral…

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