new-wine-bar-in-parisWine supplier’s eyes light up with the continued good news that On-Premise prices continue to increase–but this increase is shadowed by the fact that not many wine suppliers will get to enjoy the benefits. Our friend Charles Gill of Winemetrics recently released some important and startling findings. “Nearly all growth in on-premise wine has ended”, states Winemetrics. The report calls out that beverage directors must now “cut something to add something”.

With competition getting more intense, a solid foundation around your relationship building strategy in place is key. We all understand this is a relationship business and we all “know” what to do, but sometimes we get too busy or lazy. Ensuring there are clear expectations around building relationships between buyers and your brand is a way to ensure best practices are achieved.

Right now is a good time to get back to basics, revisit and solidify your relationships with your key National Account Beverage Directors. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity  to connect on a personal level. Capitalize on the Institutional Knowledge that you and your team have developed, by reviewing  interactions and personal details about buyers collected over time. Your interactions will leave a positive impression as you sprinkle in personal details and questions, demonstrating you really do take notice and care about the person behind the program.