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Sell More Effectively with GreatVines

Data Visibility Paired with an Actionable Sales Execution Roadmap

We strive to offer enterprise-level sales execution analytics that help transform transactional data into actionable intelligence for more efficient, effective sales and trade marketing.

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GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Mobile CRM
GreatVines is used on-the-go by field users on any device, making activity tracking a breeze.

Main Platform Features

Our platform has solutions for you, whether you’re a Supplier, Distributor, or Promotional Agency. Our technology is well suited for a variety of industries, including beverage and consumer packaged goods. Click on the following features to learn more.

How GreatVines Works

We use a tried and true sales methodology to drive the major features of the GreatVines platform. This process solves common sales challenges for our customers every day, including out of stocks, shelf position, trade promotions, order commitment, competition, and high sales rep turnover.

Planning is the first step, which moves into your activity workflow and field management. When in the field, sales reps then collect information like compliance or share of shelf and log account calls from their previously outlined objectives. This information is collected at the management level and integrated between Supplier, Distributor, Depletion Data, and your Order Entry system. A complete set of data is viewed through our analytics dashboards, and actionable insights are created to plan into your next round of goals and objectives.

GreatVines Beverage Sales Execution Platform Activity Analysis

We Follow a Four Step Process for Maximum Success:

Create Goals and Objectives

Establish your brand objectives and create Account segments and attributes.

Sales Rep Field Execution

Sales Reps track activity based on predefined workflows and dynamic calendar schedules which include productivity site tracking.


Account teams view brand plans and leverage them alongside plans to manage Accounts based on plan metrics.

Refine with Actionable Insights

Teams execute Account and objective programs to ensure maximum sales volume with actionable tasks.

Successful Beverage Companies Using Our Platform

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Who is GreatVines?

Implemented by over one hundred and fifty beverage companies
Used daily by seventy percent of the largest global Spirits Suppliers
Experience growing companies in twenty different countries

GreatVines was created in 2009 by beverage and technology industry veterans who were looking to create the data-focused selling tools they needed to do their jobs well. Having worked for Suppliers and Distributors in various roles, we knew what it took to be successful with sales, but something was missing on the technology front. GreatVines was built as an all-in-one sales execution tool, and has helped companies progressively boost and streamline their sales processes ever since.

After being the industry leader in sales technology for over ten years, GreatVines caught the eye of Andavi Solutions. Andavi is a beverage alcohol software and data analytics technology company that acquired GreatVines in 2021 to further our joint mission to become the leading provider of software and data insights across the beverage and consumer packaged goods supply chain.

Key Benefits to Using Our Sales Technology

Articles from the Experts at GreatVines

As a part of our mission to become the leading provider of software and data insights across the beverage and consumer packaged goods industries, we provide additional guidance alongside our technology solutions. Below you will find blog articles from the GreatVines team with relevant industry information to help you gain the upper hand with your sales efforts.