Project Description

Achieving “Preferred Supplier” Status within the Distributor Network

What It Means, Why It Matters and How to Achieve It

delivery05There is a great deal of value and benefit to be gained by becoming one of your distributor’s favorite suppliers. Studies show suppliers awarded preferred status with a distributor enjoy notable increases in sales and a correlated boost in brand awareness.  Imagine what that kind of special attention from your top distributor would mean for your brand awareness and bottom line.

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More than ever, suppliers are competing for attention from distributors inundated with an ever-growing array of product lines and labels. The list of new craft brews, artisanal spirits, wine labels and other beverages means increased competition among suppliers for access to distribution networks. Suppliers compete for attention from distributors because improved support from your distributor is key to gaining better penetration of your product into the market.

When suppliers achieve “preferred” status with a distributor, they typically receive “preferential” treatment. This can mean the distributor opts to do things for the supplier (ie: selling their products) before any other suppliers, and generally favoring the preferred supplier’s brands.