Campari America faced challenges in pursuit of strategic, on-premise account activation in the United States. Like most suppliers in the industry, their go-to-market strategy relied on a relatively small salesforce which was focused on managing distributors to execute at retail and on-premise trade accounts. While having success with this strategy over the years, Campari realized the absence of several critical success factors were impeding their growth. These included sufficient direct key account engagement processes, effective goaling strategies and performance metrics, and appropriate technologies and tools to measure and ensure success.

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Campari America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Campari Group, the sixth-largest spirits company in the world. Campari America boasts a rich, comprehensive portfolio of more than 20 brands, including award-winning vodkas, whiskies, cordials, liqueurs, and rums.

Excerpt from the Campari Case Study


  • Lack of direct key account engagement processes
  • No reporting or analysis of strategic KPIs like menu placements and other leading indicators of success
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  • GreatVines solution including integrated sales data, mobile applications and embedded analytics rolled out quickly to the new on-premise team, trade marketing and agency partner.
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  • Saw immediate results from a highly focused, organized and motivated on-premise team
  • Improved performance through ability to plan, execute and measure against their KPIs down to the key account level
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