Proven and Effective Sales Execution and Management Methodology

GreatVines helps your team “Execute With Excellence”

GreatVines solutions deliver state-of-the-art sales and marketing technology over the cloud for ease and convenience. Yet, technology is only half of the GreatVines solution. To deliver a truly transformative and comprehensive solution, GreatVines also provides a proven and replicable methodology for achieving superior results.

Our proprietary methodology focuses all sales and marketing efforts on a cycle that provides strategic planning, fosters optimal execution of plans, enables actionable metrics and provides recommendations for continuous improvement. This cycle is proven to yield results in pursuit of the five beverage-selling, critical success factors:

  • Identifying Key Accounts
  • Developing and Executing a Distribution Strategy
  • Increasing Account Brand Activation and Visibility
  • Maximizing Efficiency of Trade Marketing efforts
  • Implementing and Enforcing Strategic Pricing

GreatVines solutions combine powerful technology and potent methodology to deliver results in each of the following solution modules which comprise the full solution suite or may be deployed independently as needed.


Sales Strategy & Execution

Sell the right products to the right accounts. Increase brand activation and visibility. Track efficiency of the entire sales team.

Trade Marketing

Maximize marketing efforts. Deliver relevant communications, measure engagement and engage key influencers.

Pricing Optimization

Implement and enforce strategic pricing for maximum profitability. Visualize pricing across all markets. Collaborate with brand managers.

Advanced Analytics

Harness industry-leading data analysis and dashboard visualizations with complete GoodData technology integration.