Helping You Achieve the Perfect Store

Our survey module does so much more than passively gather information of questionable value. GreatVines helps enforce brand standards through intelligent surveys, with advanced planning capabilities, point scoring, auditing and analysis. Most survey tools only focus on evaluating accounts without consideration for larger strategic goals. GreatVines has brought all the important considerations together in one powerful survey solution. With GreatVines you can use surveys to collect highly relevant data and images that can be used to actively improve your execution in accounts and drive sales. No more emailing spreadsheets and attachments back and forth.

Optimize Survey Strategy to Improve Execution

GreatVines Survey Module empowers sales leaders to define the “perfect store”. Surveying against established criteria enables scoring and immediately yields a list of missed opportunities by account for your team to execute on and close the gaps. Sales reps can then take immediate action to achieve better execution in every account surveyed by working these objectives and collaborating with your supplier or distributor partners.

  • Capture Photos to Validate Survey Answers

  • Define Target Answers and Conditional Rendering

  • Survey Audit Capability for Managers and Administrators

  • Advanced Survey Analytics

  • Ad-Hoc or Assigned Surveys

  • Live Survey Preview

  • Calculate Points or Dollars Earned

Efficient Survey Design

  • Thoughtful design makes the survey process easier by reducing time to execute and minimizing administrative man-hours

  • Intuitive design interface yields attractive surveys with ease
  • Quickly create complex surveys with corresponding target answers
  • Eliminates future design time with ability to plan and save as “assigned surveys” for repeat use

Strategic Survey Planning Features

  • GreatVines’ draws on other relevant data from other sales functions within the system driving greater perspective on survey results
  • Beyond a basic dashboard report of surveys collected, GreatVines surveys deliver superior relevance and actionability of results
  • Planning capabilities tie performance metrics and KPIs to survey efforts ensuring survey results drive improvements in sales execution

Survey Audit and Reporting Benefits

  • Robust survey auditing ensures greater accountability
  • Gauge performance over time by measuring each survey against results from previous surveys
  • Quickly, consistently identify areas requiring ongoing attention
  • Audit existing account surveys and calculate score variance versus original survey by question