Optimize Execution to Improve KPI Performance

BevPath is a new data sharing services from GreatVines which enables Supplier and Distributor partners to execute their strategic activity through a single connected integration platform. BevPath will enable suppliers and their distributor partners to manage their own internal solutions while sharing relevant executional data and workflow through a synergized data model and sophisticated data management system.

  • Improved Strategic Alignment Across Multiple Markets

  • Consistent Communication of Strategy and KPIs

  • Faster & Better Visibility to Performance and Results

BevPath allows Supplier and Distributor partners to streamline performance agreements and KPI execution results. Automate approvals and reporting through industry leading analytics and dashboards.

  • More Efficient Planning and Reporting

  • Unified Business Processes

  • Sharing and Leveraging of Best Practices

Align Supplier and Distributor Sales Execution