GreatVines is a Nielsen Connected Partner. As part of the Connected Partner program, the TDLinx account universe can be embedded into the GreatVines platform and leveraged with great results by users of the GreatVines tool. TDLinx provides suppliers, wholesalers and marketers with universal coverage and unique codes for every store in retail trade channels and for every outlet in on-premise trade.

For alcohol beverage companies, the TDLinx data provides insight into over 770,000 stores/outlets and more than 9,800 accounts. It is updated daily and delivered automatically to GreatVines at regular intervals.

 Benefits of TDLinx include:

  • A carefully curated and cleansed database of all licensed beverage alcohol accounts in the USA
  • A common account identifier for combining GreatVines data with Wholesaler and Nielsen Scan data for robust analytics
  • Cleansed account name, address, etc.
  • National account hierarchies
  • Sophisticated class of trade information
  • Many more attributes available, actual attributes depend on pricing/licensing. Talk to GreatVines for more info.

GreatVines also can resell Nielsen SCAN data if desired, talk to your salesperson for more info.

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